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AKN Mtech (aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) the true sex & gambling service provider?

If you believe in one-sided story and high-lighted common issues could create fake impression and big public issues, you bet. Fortunately there is something called Internet, where balance could be found between accusations and facts.

Try check out this company (AKN Mtech aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) who acts like a god father for his own agenda (read here), while himself is selling extreme services outside of the country. What a cheap way to make-up issues for his Malaysia competitors and rob in other country. Typical dirty old man. Shame on you!

Note: Who said "subscription to sex content" is illegal, unethical or bad boys work? Take a look at one of the largest bad boy operating in Thailand, business run by our beloved Uncle Lim from AKN Mtech!

Here is a bigger snapshot if you can't view the images. Pitty young kids trying to download the "Doremon" cartoon image have to craw through the sex photos. (Sorry folks, have to censor the topless parts. )

Here is another business AKN Mtech is doing in Malaysia, which represent 90% of their income selling gambling results and 4D numbers predictions. Are they suppose to be Syariah compliance and not suppose to provide such subscription services to Malay community? Check Malay Newspaper you will find their advertisement.

note: sms short code 33131 is AKN Mtech short code.

By the way, so that you know, AKN Mtech is one of the largest "spammer" and possible "spoof master" who did all the SMS Spoofing and Short Code Masking dirty works (read Jeff Ooi: The bad boys... Celcos? CPs? MCMC?). Smart enough, nobody knows how to "spoof" except himself, as a telco person when asking all the players, so far nobody has a damn clue how to do it! Suspicious folks?

Note: Read the sentences "We have the rights to change pricing anytime without notice (means they can charge RM50 per content anytime)", and "even you cancel the subscription service you will receive promotional messages (which means they can SPAM you anytime)".

So that you really really know who is the "father of all spam", I mean the "belated father of all spam", AKN Mtech started his business doing spamming. He calls himself "bulk sms provider", which send sms to millions of users on behalf of his clients (in today's term means SPAM!).

AND, besides all these examples, AKN Mtech also has the following problems exactly the same he accuse competitors of serious wrong doings (read here again). These issues are common business errors, which happens to telcos, utility companies, airline, public services like traffic light, etc, where in this industry could easily be resolve by forwarding the issue to telco, telco forwards to service providers and resolve or fix immediately. The industry was all the while running efficiently under this normal system until Uncle Lim "trap" and "made up false urgency" for his own "Agenda" (Read here).

1. Termination error. Sounds like "Terminator 3". Bad itsn't folks? When you send the STOP command to a service, the system will send you a confirmation message. There is no defination what the system should reply what kind of message if you send to the WRONG service yourself. Service providers are not Microsoft or IBM, which tries their best to make sure error free. Our beloved Uncle Lim track and wait for the small service providers to accidentally faces such errors. How he did it? He test all the service providers services and wait for that very bad day when server crash, internet down, database delay etc. If you understand technology, these are "common bugs" even Microsoft or IBM cannot guarantee.

Note: See this common errors? What do you expect Malaysian IT companies to beat the giant for "100% perfect system" while Microsoft, IBM or Google can't guarantee that? Do you think the US government will suspend Google for repeatedly facing unintentional error if Yahoo starts poisoning Google behind the scene?

Unfortunately, with Uncle Lim dirty work to track 1 out of 1,000,000 transaction which happens to falls into such error was repeatedly picked up by him and highlighted, he made competitors look as if it's devil work. Question : is Uncle Lim's own services all free from such errors? You bet! There are few hundred records awaiting AKN Mtech facing "SAME TECHNICAL GLITCHES" which competitors are not so free to make a report. AKN Mtech is not god, and no better than others. Here are the glitches found within AKN Mtech services:

a. Can't STOP services

b. When STOP ALL, promotion messages (spam) still comes in

c. When subscribe to a service, the unsubscribe message keyword is different

d. Services with no pricing and frequency, spamming 10-20 messages when you subscribe.

e. About 20 records where services were not accessible especially when send in STOP isntruction (could be their server error, internet down or database issue).


Shall someone list one by one these common issues which happens every where as a typical technology company, and complaint AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim being dangerous, not perfection and should be suspended even put him under psycho special treatment? Shall someone drink 1,000,000 Coca-Cola and deliver 1,000 bottles with defective item to Consumer Association? Shall someone sit infront of traffic light and record the 5-10 delay or downtime mulfunction daily, 24 hours, 365 days and shut down the road? Shall one video tape MAS airline ticket department long queue "everyday", which has all the technical delay and mulfunction every day, serious enough costing YOU AND ME AND THE COUNTRY millions of dollars every year for our time, business lost and contact lost because someone can't catch the flight which is delayed?

Fortunate enough, we have consumers, telcos and authorities such as MCMC and Consumer Forum which are matured enough to differentiate real or fake issues and urgencies on such issues.

The solution is simple: Fix the twisted loophole in the Guideline (so nobody can frame competitor in hope that their services get suspended), escalate any issues back to the telcos so that issues could be verified and solved immediately, Stop the telcos nonsense percentage to fix at 15% for telcos and 85% to service providers, the industry grows by itself healthly. Let the demand and supply do the talking.

AKN Mtech's sabotage competitors since year 2004!

Some latest contribution from readers as follows:

"....... Lester under Lim Seng Boon hates Lim inside out for the dirty works he did on competitors. The dirty trace back to year 2004 when he instructed his staff to trap and frame competitors looking for their faults and sabotage competitors so his own chat spam service can win the market...." Very very sick old man out of his mind. Read this piece of blog from year 2004:

Click above image to enlarge the blog. Click here for original blog. Read the line ".... My GM made us test all the chat services in the market I had to choise one which had a faulty system. ..." AKN Mtech's staff was asked to trap and frame competitors and try to find common system faults, so they can make up complaints and sabotage competitor, and their own system can enjoy the market profit.

That was very lame uncle Lim!

Miss Mobile Lim

Not Uncle Lim's relative

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