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(draft) Technology 101. Hardware, Software, Spoofing, Spam?

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IT, Computer, Hardware, Software. Different yeah?

Folks, if you survived the long story I mumble here, for God Sake, Congratulation! Welcome to the world of blogging - it's all about fantasy & entertainment!

If you do read through the craps I wrote (I never said blogging has to be real, did I?), here is a little bit more stuff I need to mumble. As a programmer and X telco staff I can't stand the unjust happenings in this fantasy world of Jeff Ooi & Uncle Lim. If you are a programmer or study IT related stuff, remember the helpless feeling when your auntie or uncle ask you "You study computer right? You sell computer or not? Can you fix my computer?" Come on... I don't blame them. Even my X ask me to fix his computer. I'm Computer Science grad for God Sake and I only do software not hardware, and I don't fix computers! So you see, "blind accusation" targeting people without industry "knowledge" is misleading.

Remember the end of year 2000 Internet bubble (when you are still in High school or college)? After the global technology crash, whenever you heard of "Internet" people only believe it's "bubble" or "hype". One old folk used to say "Study what computer lah, Internet is dot-con, useless lah! Go study law or medicine!" Who would have differentiated hype vs real business? Who would have thought of and are serious business model today? This is the same with real mobile business vs SCAM, SMS vs SPAM. When one idiot shouted Spoofing, cool word right? So every Monkey and Donkey started to shout SPAM! Spoofing! Sounds fun isn't it? Do you know what it means?

So if you want to know what is the real story about SMSC, SPAM or SPOOFING, check this out in the next story of "Technology 101. Hardware, Software, Spoofing, Spam?" Find out why spoofing is only possibly done by inter-operator supplier or operators, means Maxis, Digi and Celcom. How the term "spoofing" came from. Is it possibly done or is it just myth? If possible, how to prevent it?

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

What is SMS? What is a SMS promotion, unsolicited SMS, SPAM and SCAM?

The question is like asking “what is bank, finance, credit card, insurance, mutual fund, private loan (call it loan shark), and Gold Coin investment fund (call it scam plan)". All under “money matters” right? So these “financial service providers” are all SCAM? Differentiate carefully the service level and clear role each of them plays. Bank, credit card and even insurance companies all “collect payment” and “chase for your late payment”, so theoretically they are NO DIFFERENT from loan shark right? It may be TRUE if you live inside Jeff Boy's fantasy world! Ask yourself, “am I that blind and non-educated to call them all SCAM and make a fool & shame of myself?” To read more about "misleading public on purpose", click here.

Let’s Skin and Slice the dog part by part.

What is SMS? SMS is just a medium which carry message from sender to receiver. Sender could be individual, a mail service company (Email like Yahoo Mail or Gmail; SMS from Telcos), corporate (company you work with, or services you use like bank, credit card, fitness center, salon, golf club, etc).

What is SMS promotion (or Credit Card companies call it CRM : customer relationship management or data mining). These SMS could be: from telcos inhouse marketing department, from corporations paying telcos to do co-marketing, from corporations paying your service providers (like bank, credit card company, fitness center, salon, golf club etc) to sell you products and services, and from your friends and families sending you insurance, medical, health care or investment plans.

What is unsolicited SMS PROMOTIONS (arguebly legal SPAM, or JUNK SMS)? This is the part you can officially calls it SPAM SMS (or spam email), or just call it junk mail. If the message is not normal SMS promotion (read above) it’s likely third party SPAM. Examples like fitness center offering body build packages, hypermarket offering sales, telcos offering off peak airtime discount, newspaper offering discounted subscriptions etc. The offers may be valid but the method of promotion is arguebly NOT (depends on the local government defination. Some ok some not. Overall it's NOT WELCOME and I consider it JUNK!).

What is "intentional" unsolicited SMS charges without MO (illegal SPAM)? There are bad apples in any industry, and like ISP (internet service providers), the law will only catch the bad bloggers who defame or commit crime. Some irresponsible abusers could be sending just MT to users without MO and charges users blindly. Since there is no MO record, these activities are beyond spam. Once these activities are done on purpose, it becomes CRIME and should be punished. Question is, should the service provider or the abuser be punished? The Tenaga National who provides electricity or the Drug Factory who uses Tenega electricity should be liable for Drug trafficking? The Telekom or the Telekom user who conduct phone scam? The answer is obvious unless you are blind (or you wanted to mislead and though general public are all blind). So what is "intentional" unsolicited SMS charges without MO (illegal SPAM)? Here is an example "" Here is the closer example ""

What is unsolicited SMS with BOGUS OFFERS (SCAM)? This is the part you can call it SCAM SMS (or scam email)? SMS message which asks you to “pay money to get money” or “buy non existence products” or “Someone Asking for Support of non existence (or bogus) offers” like Academy Fantasia Quiz winner, Corporate Lottery from China, Prince from South Africa asking for help, Bogus Charity, etc. Before you believe and plunge into the “SCAM” job, think and study carefully! So what is scam actually? This is Scam "..."

What is "Spoofing" and "Masking"? This is the cool part! Accodring to friend in yellow telco, masking mobile originated (MO) is possible by sending masked mobile termination (MT) to users. That is "MT" spam if it does not meet the solicited criteria above (example, you get Xmas sales promo sms from "TESCO" as the sender). However masking MO "into" telco SMSC is NOT POSSIBLE since the masking work CANNOT go into telco SYSTEM via 5 digit SHORT CODES! So the ONLY person who can "spoof", if that's the cool word Jeff Boy beng singing, is TELCOS THEMSELVES!

I know what is "wolf" but I don't know how "spoof" could be done. Like story about misterious UFO or Bigfoot, most criticism is cause by user own fault and own assumption. More likely user used a service and deny they tried, friend or family members used your phone or you sign up for bank, credit card, stores, and many other services and did not remember you did used those services.

What is "TECHNICAL GLITCHES"? If you want to know more about "technical glitches" (see above graph, technical glitches could be from ANY of the cycles, which are "unintentional" and happens "every second, every day and night"), click here.

(click above to look at "who could be spamming". All the "?" are stakeholders, affected and affecting each other! So "who could be unintentionally created "technical glitches"? Yes, you are correct! All the "stakeholders" in green color could be the innocent victim! To learn more about what is "technical glitches", visit

So folks, learn to differentiate the difference of normal SMS, PROMOTION SMS, SPAM and SCAM, if you are not already up-to-date. Don't humiliate yourself jumping into conclusion telling people all email = spam! YES, we hate SPAM and SCAM, I personally would love to see SCAMMERS get punish. NO, I don't like defamation and misleading information just to mix SMS, PROMO, SPAM and SCAM together to make a point, and STOP humiliate and harass women!

Journalist Ethic in Providing Balance View

In the telecommunication industry besides hardware and software, the services running on top of the machines involves “the service provider” which is operators (telco), and “service providers of service provider” which is the suppliers and intermediate users, and users which is the corporations, organizations and consumers, etc.

If you foolishly claims an “Industry = SCAM” or maybe “purposely magnify 1 tiny issue and pretend you didn't see the 99% good services, you are actually unethically misleading the readers and it’s sinful to support your points. Such illusion of false information will be understood and justified when time passes by and readers become more matured and educated to different the difference.

" Ethic Bloggers United: Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime, promote healthy and responsible blogspace. Stop irresponsible blogger from "Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons" and "Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person" - Tim O'Reilly. By Miss Mobile Lim (prepared as an academy discussion material, have fun!) "

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