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(draft) Uncle Lim married to Jeff Ooi! Honey moon by gang bang one victim to another, one country to another.

Exciting right! Folks, looks like AKN Mtech (aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD)Uncle Lim never ends his conspiracy and he found a playmate! If you read the fantasy stories earlier, you will find where bloggers are heading. Basically sabotage, false accusations, highlight the points they want it to be perceived, hide the truth which explains the actual story. That explains why blog is still perceived as entertainment material compare to more carefully verified print media.

When old fool met mad man, bingo they made the perfect couple!

Rumor that ISA and Interpol is involved in the madness drama. When 2 mad person shouting on the street and take it further by attacking companies and personals, it's time to lock them up for the sake of country security and humiliating the legal system. You can't let mad man shouting in front of KLIA, Singapore Changi Airport, China Shanghai Airport and on and on and so on.

How to make up stories and drive public perspective? Simply pick the points you wants to show, and hide the truth behind the accusations! You don't even need to get the clear picture and clarify the actual result with the suspect, just pick the accusations even if it's false.

Idiot Guide to Sabotage

To start your own sabotage fantasy this is what you do. Very simple folks!

1st Step:
consistently report Ali to the police (assume Ali is your competitor)
1. Ali rape my dog!
2. Ali rob my grandmother!
3. Ali kidnap my cat!
2nd Step:
those "reports" report them on your blog, print on newspaper saying "Ali is bad bad boy!" "Ali the repeated offender of scam, rapist and robber", etc, use your imagination.
3rd Step:
Ali may have clarified and found not guilty and being sabotaged, but why worry? With the REPORTS you did, just keep on singing "Ali is bad bad boy". Real guilty or not is non of your business, your business is to make up story and rake in fame and dollar! With or without Ali clarified and cleared the false accusation, you don't need to pick those +ve points, hide them down under!

Enjoy folks. Pick one victim and start to have fun!

Easy Target : Mix victims with suspects in same statement!

Read here if you want to know how to make a fool of your own followers or believers believing in your conspiracy theory. Just do blogging and show your face shouting the "points" you want to make, and "hide" the facts folks!

How to defame Banks vs loan-sharks? Put up title "Loan Sharks manipulate consumers with high interest" or "Financial services are sharks!". In your comment, put these names together and quote:

"..... financial services providers in the market include Alibaba Loan Sdn Bhd, Along Money Lender Sdn Bhd, Maybank Bhd, Public Bank Bhd, Rob Team Sdn Bhd, Citibank, Shark & Co Sdn Bhd are sharks and a-long. These repeated offender of charging high interest rate and sending debt collectors to haunt consumers...... "

How to defame AliBoy (assume a name) for accidentally knocks down a dog and a cat due to traffic light fault? Putra Jaya traffic malfunction causes many such accident lately, and AliBoy is one of the victim. AliBoy reported his incident to the nearby police station. Few days later a reporter wrote:

"...... recently Putra Jaya crime rate has sky rocket. There are robbery, rape cases, smuggling, stocking, drunk and drive etc in the town area. According to the latest report, here are the suspects of repeated offenders reported to police stations: Ahmad Bin Rob, Abu A/L Mutu Drunk, Ameng, AliBoy, Abdullah...... "

Folks! The sabotage works isn't it! Poor AliBoy itsn't it drag into the picture? Put the scammer and the victims together, and highlight the points you want to make, bingo! You had a successful sabotage campaign!

Lim+Jeff Malaysian Fiasco

After the Macrokiosk victimized episode (since the bad bad boy taken Uncle Lim's pet project! Read here), the latest chapter of sabotage victim is the company called Next Nation (read the sabotage claim here). The company is a operator software company like the Nokia or Ericsson's from Europe. Click here for the victimize job done by Lim + Jeff. Out of the whole list of real and false victims sabotage by a competitor (read here), the few target suspects were highlighted again and again for a reason. Those are the more capable treat as competitive software vendors? By applying mad man method of highlighting the assumptions without getting clarification and report the real happenings, the wrong perception was linked to the companies mad man wanted to defame, fulfilling the Uncle Lim's fantasy agenda to gain benefit but failed (read here).

Here is the snap shot of "how to group information the way you want it to be perceived"

(Note: Click on above to read the fantasy frame job)

While awaiting official reply from the operators, according to one of the operator's officer, most of the victims in this sabotage story are mostly technical glitches. "Frankly any one of the 3 operators (telcos) themselves have more such glitches than all the service providers combined, nothing to shout about. By looking into the accusations, most of the companies have nothing to do with spam or scam but technology errors, but was repeated quoted the way someone wanted it to be quoted (sounds familiar with the Bank-vs-loan-shark example above?). "

To read more about the victimize issues, click here.

Our beloved Jeff Boy did not learn his mistakes (well, not really true. He did repeatedly clarify he do make mistakes, click here). See below for snapshot:

Lim + Jeff Indonesia Fiasco

While making a shame on his own country quoting mistakes made by his own low-tech knowledge government, Jeff Boy went further to highlight another shame statement by another country's low tech knowledge officers. Folks, here goes the fun part! According to one of the operator officer in Indonesia, the report pertaining the "accusation" of Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI) from Indonesia is unjustified. Here is the accusation details:

  • Accusation No.1: The company has nobody in office
  • Report from operator: The company moved from small office to larger office and did update the operator their new address. The law did not stated the company must update AUTHORITY, the Fire Station, or any organizations. False claim and irrelevant as a point of accusation.

  • Accusation No.2: The company has nobody pick up the phone
  • Report from operator: The company did update operator their new office phone number and several direct phone number to key customer service officers. There is no record what time AUTHORITY calls into the office. AUTHORITY should ask from operator, not directly to operator's suppliers. False claim and irrelevant as a point of accusation.

  • Accusation No.3: One of the company's service auto register his phone number
  • Report from operator: The central database system by Telkomsel made it 100% impossible for any services to be auto registered and not even spamming. There is no such record as auto register or charged wrongly. Further more all services went through operator approval and added into the system by the operator, accusing scam means accusing Telkomsel (the operator) itself is scam. There is no law mention the service method is breaking the law. False claim and accusation closed.

  • Accusation No.4: One of the staff turns the arrow to Indosat (another Operator) claiming received a SPAM
  • Report from Operator: There is black and white log file report showing the date, time and what message this officer send in his request. Operator systems are going through the SMSC which is bullet proof. The message went through this process with log record, it's valid transaction not SPAM. Prove given, false claim and accusation dismissed.

The half civilized country with such uncivilized claims are not uncommon, and the claims remain as debatable tea time topic which kneel in front of globalization wave. If you think the foolish claims are laughable, wait until you read on! The following stories, according to the operator officer is even more dramatic nonsense! The Indonesian version of AKN Mtech (another competitor act) which pushes the BRTI button went further to sell the concept of "boycott foreign service providers" and "Stop foreign players from making money". The joke is, the competitor making such claims himself is an "American (100% white!)". He also forgot that "ALL the operators (telcos)" are foreign direct investment. When he publish such statement together with BRTI, he is slapping on all the operators (telcos) faces! In fact, the open investment policy by Indonesia government after the Suharto era have brought in billions of dollars of foreign investment recent years which supported their economy growth so far. Any challenges which scares the foreign investors away will lead to economy crisis, especially if such uncivilized act is made known to public. Fortunately the Singapore major shareholding operator Telkomsel have avoided a huge defamation law suit if they would have done what BRTI claims without clear judgement, and the top service providers gain their ground and justice. (Read the false claim here. The operator officer clarify that the company which was wrongly accused DID NOT falls into any issue and DID NOT get service terminated based on the April 5 2007 claims). The operator shows that there is still law in Indonesia. Unless someone in the BRTI office wanted to gain political fame by slapping on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono face, the issue has the Minister and President's eye on the authority abuse did by 2 officers in BRTI. The operator (telcos) reaction also shows that competitor setup, false documents and false accusations does not have room to stand in front of justice.

The question of "who reported to BRTI" and made those sabotage on the top 10 Indonesia service providers in BRTI office, either for political fame, competitor tactic or financial benefits" is yet another story of its own. I have no interest in that part of the world, sorry folks! That's all I can get so far!

Competitor act continues. Here's the balance view for your study material consideration!

Here is a piece work from another reader. Reveal the foot print and agenda of Uncle Lim!

Indonesia episode 2.0. The Jeff Boy way of making up and posting defamation comment on his own blog is one of his master trick. How good could it be if a few lines of blogging gang up to do gang bang? It seems fun enough to tarnish his victim especially if one can "FILTER" and "ALTER" user comments! Like this part (click here) where an "INDONESIAN" posted a comment which sounds like Uncle Lim's information feeding himself, it's more like a competitor defamation comment. The "IMOCA member" according to the email is the ONE person who majority other IMOCA members BOYCOTT and WARN him for not following IMOCA rules and target foreign service providers. This person is ALSO a service provider in the industry and was linked to competitor attack agenda. It was also mentioned some "Malaysia service provider" came to meet this person to pursue "special agenda". Sounds familiar with Uncle Lim's work? Click the snapshot captured from here.

Academy study brainstorming:
1. Malaysia and Singapore because Uncle Lim hates them for taking his business? Running the "SAME" business model there are other players from other countries why the two countries?
2. Read this sentence "..... I'm not saying that they're all bad, some are excellent and been doing really well for some years over here; Shabox, HLT, Mobiletren (can't remember the Malaysian holding company). ..." According to the email, Mobiletren belongs to bet! AKN Mtech Malaysia! Uncle who? Now you remember the "Malaysian" holding company? Opps!
3. According to the source, the victim was not a member of IMOCA so as majority of the service providers. There were no official request from IMOCA to the victim, except personal action by the ONE IMOCA person. Why "individual" person wanted to meet the victim? For what to discuss "privately"?
4. This is the best part. This IMOCA x member sounded like living within Malaysia or works inside the company? Sounds familiar with the study material here?

According to the email, rumor saying earlier the IMOCA committee members found out "ONE" of their members who damage the industry image by targeting foreign service providers given false accusation (sounds familiar tactic?). The fair competition by means of capital and product capability is common in any industry, but unfair if compete using dirty politic tactic (sounds familiar again the method?).

This piece of the comment looks more like INSIDER INFORMATION from Malaysia to do the same thing - defame competitor. What a co-incident.

Next Target: LaNetro /Sonera ZED? Sybase365? Mtouche? Microsoft? Digi or Maxis?

Despite the larger technology companies from oversea such as LaNetro/Sonera Zed (, which is larger and being larger gets more issues: or

Or Sybase365 (, which is also larger in terms of size, and being larger gets more issues: or

Or maybe Hong Kong based Funmobile ( or their sister company Singapore based Iguanamobile ( could be his next target? Both service similar business model and customers to operators (telcos). Some repeated issues for your reading pleasure. or or

Or maybe the Singaporean Mtouche ( being the top competitor could be the next target? or

What about Glomobi ( which uses MNC ( service for TV sms services selling horoscope and news? So MNC being in the PROTEMP of God Fathers is hidding behind foreigners dirty work? (If that is by the PBS-Guideline defination being evil and dirty work)

Maybe Astromobile ( which run all the subscription services, TV interactive quizes and gamble-alike puzzle games on Astro TV, could be the next victim? Oh, I forgot, Astromobile is owned by ASTRO, and sister company of Maxis (one of the opearor/telco in Malaysia). Opps! Forgot that AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim avoid confronting the operators (telcos) like Maxis, Digi and Celcom or their associate companies. Why he avoid that? Because he needs the operators (telcos) to earn his Magnum4D subscription money and bid for telco projects. So Astromobile is officially "bullet proof" and "skip Uncle Lim's radar!

Why the Uncle Lim and his new bride (or hubby whatever he/she calls it) only interested in sabotaging 2 local competitors is obvious. Because these are the 2 software companies Uncle Lim suspected will take away his business (read here). Pitty that both of the companies may not even think of taking any business from him, they may not even have interest in competing with him. In actual fact, you won't be surprised if Sybase365 (the more capable competitor back by US NASDAQ listed company Sybase) or LaNetro/Sonera Zed could be his next target. Those American and Dutch with bigger business volume have more common business error or technology glitches themselves, made them perfect target for Lim + Jeff to make good stories on them to pursue their "Superstar Dream". If Jeff sabotage the foreigners, his name could be more famous in those countries. Maybe Jeff could replace William Hung as the next American Idol drop out star!

Go Jeff Go! (sorry folks! Left that image sent from reader out. Don't feel good doing the same thing Jeff Boy did to people.)

So folks, competition could went that far and did that much stuff, hardly imagine right? If you read the following chapter (read here), you will find it rather annoying than amusing the way the mad couple trying to make the general public a fool and a shame in front of IT world.

Read back here for another episod of Uncle Lim and Jeff Boy Adventure in Bloggerland story.

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

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