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AKN Mtech (M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) vs Macrokiosk : Preventive Gateway for what purpose? If true, so?

Continue from previous Chapter, the academy discussion came thus far to study the reasons behind two competitors attack and defend on winning some preventive system. Here goes the story for you to think and judge:

If you read Jeff Ooi's comments (click here for the article) which receive spoon feed information likely from AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim (check out who is Uncle Lim), you will like the latest episode of the story. The latest episode is about a tiny company with big ambition, which though he could make money out of other competitors but actually he is heading to the grave yard killing the entire industry.

Who is Macrokiosk? The company is one of the young talented mobile technology companies in Malaysia which recently benefited from the AKN Mtech's business agenda. While AKN Mtech make up urgency scene and caught some attention by manipulating operators (telcos) , MCMC (the authority to regulate telcos), media and the latest edition the Internet blogs as if there is a need to implement some sort of system to ease industry issues, Macrokiosk squeeze into the telcos to propose some sort of "solution". Any tech guy will know there is no such need and the solution cost nothing more than $50,000. With Macrokiosk technical background, a team of 5 programmers will finish the job in less than 30 days. Good for a young company who can provide some good system for the industry right? (If they did get to work on the project, so what is Uncle Lim screaming about?)

In fact, Jeff Ooi information on when, how and what was discussed in the closed meeting was so fast and clear, as if he was inside the meeting room! It is exactly what was discussed; even the attendance can't record down as detail. On May, there was a meeting at MCMC office pushed hard by AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim. Uncle Lim frustration is partially understandable. He will be eating his own poison for the mess he'd created.

Uncle Lim's 2 years effort to create user complaints and make up issues to show that there are issues with his competitors did not pay off, but damage to himself. The normal business issues escalated to become as if there is serious problem, have highlighted to the authority. Authority without knowing the entire scenario have directionless asked the telcos to do something, and that something was again initiated by AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim (who thought he is the CLEAN god father coming to the rescue, which proven not) to have some kind of preventive system. Fortunately and unfortunately, Uncle Lim gets shock when he found that the very unlikely competitor Macrokiosk was rumored to get the projects for both Maxis and Celcom.

This is earthquake and tsunami for Uncle Lim! This is why he has no where to go (because everybody knew his tricks) but to go online and manipulate Jeff Ooi. Else what else he can do?

Fine, now here comes the left over mess. Since there is something to be done, there is this preventive system which is (a) unproven to handle massive traffic, (b) worst, proven by many Macrokiosk customers their system sucks*~, (c) system is so suck up it virtually frustrate more users and create real issues, (d) all competitors will die off if telco takes another 1% of the already unhealthy percentage. Many competitors only earn "FEW" percentage gross profit margin, if taken 1 more % the entire industry collapse.

(*~ friend working for them said their technical glitches is so bad, worst than Celcom - which is the worst telco system ever in Malaysia)

Now reading back the story earlier, why there is a need for any system? Did Macrokiosk study what mess he could have created by taking 1% out of the industry? The market if evolves by itself pressured by consumers and natural demand is almost ready to push the telcos to give up more percentage, but instead Macrokiosk made the mobile operator (telco) think that they can take "more" percentages. However, industry source heard from yellow company was saying that it's better to have some system rather than no system just to please the damage done by Uncle Lim. So the best option is still going back to the industry players. Macrokiosk is one of the better alternative then? You bet they are one of the better "option" (better than Uncle Lim definately) so as other service providers in his industry. Everybody can go and bid (did someone says only Uncle Lim can do it?) but who will win is another business decision by mobile operators (telcos). Question: what is wrong with that if Microkiosk compete and bid on their technology, and did won eventually? Compared to handing over the job to AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim, Macrokiosk seems to be a better option and hope for the industry if they did won the project. Sad to see that other better technology suppliers may have deliver better job, but so what? Its not about "WHO GETS A PROJECT, but WHO CAN CREATE LESS PROBLEM" and clean up mess did by Uncle Lim!

When AKN Mtech vs Macrokiosk in this dry market, ended up nobody getting anything. Did telcos know that taking 10% out of $500million is better than 50% of $10 million market size? Did mobile operator (telco) knows that by taking another few % from the market will crash the market from $500 million to $50 million, or worst, die off like the IVR market?

Personal point of view as an X staff from the mobile operator (telco), I will like to see who within Maxis approved such unprofessional rush deal and who would take the personal benefit by taking more from service providers. That mysterious person or persons may have self interest, who knows? Did Maxis had a management culture change or the clean culture doesn't matter any more? As for Macrokiosk or any other vendors who got the projects, God Bless You and best wishes for the telecommunication industry.

Lesson learnt. Think twice before one trying to play politic and tactic to hype for demand, or propose something with huge impact but can't handle it. You kill your own business end of the day.

Hey what do you know! Friend from yellow mobile operator said maybe Maxis take the cream and do it themselves. What a joke taking opportunity and manipulate further "by placing the cost on the consumers"! So who is the shark?

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

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