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(draft) "Repeated offenders" of what? How foolish Malaysian humiliating ourselves in front of technology knowledge

If you are IT minded and you read carefully all the stories contributed to this blog, you will find it rather annoying than amusing that even professional journalist has to kneel in front of technology. Academy study purpose, it as told the story that Jeff Ooi a self proclaimed professional journalist (which I love his stories about politics and twisted stuff) is humiliating his fella Malaysian in front of misunderstood judgement made by authority due to lack of technology knowledge and followed a twisted guideline with loopholes which lead to biased judgment.

Ask any tech makers, programmers or engineers, there is no such thing as 100% "zero technical glitches guarantee" in this planet. Ever since the made up cases (read here) did by AKN Mtech (aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) Uncle Lim to create urgency and demand for his software, the way the couple Lim + Jeff (read here) poisoning public by cooking the "repeated offenders" story is shame and disgusting. Their foolish act further damage Malaysian IT society image, proves that Malaysian are so low tech even what is "technical glitches & common human errors" vs "intentional crime & scam" also don't know how to differentiate!

Despite billions of dollars spend by NASA the Columbia space shuttle still blows up, airplane still crashes, highway traffic still jam, Maybank ATM still has "termination not processed" errors, and it happens repeatedly. Repeated offenders of what? Technical glitches? Human errors? Hello Mr 1950's, today is year 2007 and Microsoft Windows still hangs, Nokia handset system still crashes, Digi phone calls still got disconnected repeatedly (equals to termination not processed tech glitches). Wake up Malaysian, shame on you dreaming of vision 2020 IT nation while we let the dogs out barking like it knows about IT!

Thank you folks, for all the information provided. The Lim+Jeff story didn't ends so soon when once a respected entertainer (Jeff Ooi) started to support business sabotage. Again and again, he repeatedly highlights the mistakes made by MCMC and hide the fact that the victims accused were actually clarified and case closed (read here). I lost faith in the amusing way he wrote the many many stories in the past, some what pity he went that far to write unjustified accusations poison by business competition tactics. Jeff Ooi once my beloved comedian who wrote from politic issues to Pak Lah's personal love stories has become a mad man, following the many Internet dark age fortune tellers who ended up in mad house.

When Jeff Ooi repeatedly "cooking the cold rice" of normal business errors the few victim IT firms have gone through, he hide the actual reason and clarification which cleared and closed the so called offenses. To show how he mislead the public, here is an example of his own poison way of story telling. Repeated offenders of common errors yeah? Made it up for academy study, here we go!

JEFF OOI: Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and Crime

The fantasy story is about a Malaysian by the name of Jeff Boy, who started his first fantasy poison pen targeting Maxis, a mobile operator in Malaysia. Jeff Boy perhaps being professionally trained as a writer, did wrote many amusing articles or stories in his blog site (also read for balance view if you find yourself mentally not balance!)

Academy brainstorm suspect that : With the encouragement of both street feedback and financial pocket money earn from Internet advertisement, he went further to make brave assumptions on his stories, and many negative evidence he perceived accurate and sufficient to make his points valid he highlight them (and you bet! To make it looks valid, just HIDE the fact and positive evidence found, or try not to find the positive evidence). It was again very amusing and won some more readership. Of cause like any clown shouting in front of Jalan Ampang KLCC, he gets attention. Unfortunately, Jeff is not fully equip with professional team like the big media to verify the true or false about the evidence, claims and accusations he gathered from sources he believes valid. Some are true, some are partially complete and some are made up evidence. His story went too far until humiliating the IT professionals understanding of what is unavoidable "common business error" in IT industry, and what is "intentional offenses".

So the "repeated offenders" (of universally accepted common business errors) which wrongly judged by authority with lack of IT knowledge opinion suppose to do what? Give their business to Uncle Lim? (read the scam work by Uncle Lim). To add some salt into the story, here are some evidence that YOU as a reader can judge.

JEFF Boy, the "repeated offender" of journalist unethical biased and mis-leaded public act, should be detained under Internal Security Act for jeopardizing the country image, public distrust of true information, attempted sabotage, defamation and organized crime working with businessman Uncle Lim for financial benefits. Death penalty folks? Really that serious?

Repeated offender of organized crime and scam yeah? Try this:

Case1: Jeff was sued by NST for defamation, and this is not his first time. (read here). Unethical journalist found guilty?

Case2: Jeff evidence in making up stories for money, further shows his inner motives for hiding facts from his stories (read here) to cook up stories. His act has poisoned young innocent public to believe in story making means money making. The more you twist the facts by highlighting "points you want to highlight", the more traffic (and money) you gets. Unethical journalist found guilty again? Yellow Card.

Case3: Organized scam. Make up his self made blogger association "National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) pro tem vice-president Jeff Ooi (read here)", sounds familiar with Uncle Lim self-made MMCP spokes person (read here)? Bingo! We have perfect couple of the year! Organized voice representing who? The millions of bloggers out there (that's including newbie, Miss Mobile Lim?!), vomit folks! Red card for organized, planned crime.

Case4: Misleading quote of "Repeated offender" has poisoned and jeopardized many innocent media journalist career (like journalist from Oriental Daily and The Edge) on wrongly copy and pasted Uncle Lim's words on mistakes and mis-leaded judgments made by MCMC, which falls into the trap by bad intention competition tactic (read here). Falsifying the common business error as if it's "scam" or "crime" is like accusing Maybank ATM machine for "repeated malfunction and termination not processed" being scam and crime. Death penalty folks?

Case5: The exciting part. To show Jeff's way of quoting "repeated offenders" without showing (or just hiding) the fair clarification which close the wrongly accused cases, here is an example of his own poison. Assume Jeff is the main suspect and police-wanted offender for these cases:

Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi running his car on a dog on purpose.
Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi rob a bag from a lady.

Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi breaking into a lady house stealing documents.

Folks, for 3 times, the person by the name Jeff Ooi has been repeatedly detained, the repeated offender should be lock up for maximum extended period to keep the society safe from his crime. The "reports" are valid, so this is a "repeated offender", yeah right?

(Notes: What do you think folks? Jeff is Bad bad boy isn't it? Repeated "reports" on repeated crime. In Jeff's term, you don't need to show his side of the story, which he clarifies and proved his misunderstood mistakes, or even false claims. Just show the part he's being reported as "repeated offender", and have fun making fun of him! Jeff did nothing wrong. He was falsely accused, falsely detained, falsely judged but he did clarified and case closed. But hey! Forget about his clarification and case close, make fun of his innocent "repeated offender" story! He's king of scam, he is dangerous, he should be lock in mad house! If you enjoy this part, enjoy Jeff's stories. Feel good folks? I feel myself SICK reading up until this line, do you?)

Bingo! Proven Jeff is repeated offender of misleading, sabotage and business scam. Death penalty!

Really true and that serious folks?

For academy study only - you will find how misleading information could be carried so far and make a shame on his own country. Lesson learnt: Keep your eyes open and study the story behind any claims before coming to conclusion and believe in those self-fulfilling prophecies.

To add more salt to the mad man who made up stories for his competitors, here is his own poison:

AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim : Repeated offender himself!

By the way folks, latest information feed from reader. Ever since the mask of AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim was reveal, hundreds of "common business error" offenses have been reported targeting AKN Mtech services. For your information, AKN Mtech short code 3xxxx was suspended (and still in suspension as of today). Bingo! Finally Uncle Lim ate his own poison and have a taste of his own twisted PBS-Guideline. MCMC officer all hates him so much, they refuse to talk to Uncle Lim which beg and cry in front of MCMC office. "Not even the receptionist wanted to entertain him", quoted an officer.

The industry source also mention there are 4 valid cases in the pipeline targeting AKN Mtech services, all "non compliance" to the twisted PBS-Guideline, and claimed "offenses" by MCMC mis-leaded definition. As long as the guideline remain twisted and MCMC remain as it is without updating their team with qualified technology advisers, AKN Mtech will have to eat his own poison. Here goes the yellow card, the red card and bingo, the death penalty! Really that serious Uncle Lim? If he is that free, making fun of Maybank ATM tech glitches probably make him more famous (hint: Good idea Jeff Boy, shout on that, more blog dollar in the bank. Think about it!)

Folks, really that serious? Take a look at the following "offenders", if you really want to "frame them" in your own wordings of "scam" and "crime", or call it "creative marketing" or "teasers"? Take away AirAsia license for misleading advertisement "RM99 flight to Penang" and "5,000 FREE SEATS to Bali"? What about operators (telcos) advertisement of "FREE" and "1 cent per SMS" gimmick? Either MCMC or under the Consumer Act, there are room for creative marketing. Even the government uses creative marketing for their campaigns on Tourism (Visit Malaysia 2007 yeah, like here?), Education and Social Welfare. Nothing evil with that folks, just "READ and be SMART" to do your own judgment.

Here is the latest Hall of Shame MCMC should update their website, if MCMC is still haven't wake up of what mistake they may have done listening to misleading guidance:

(Note: Digi latest "scam" on giving "FREE TRIAL 2 months" for Fu-Yoh package (and charges you RM3 per month subscription fees), and further gives you "free-spin" (gambling incentives). Bad Bad boy yeah folks? Really? Or should it be "creative marketing" and what makes Digi is allowed to do "free trial" and "chance/gambling incentives" and SUSPEND others who do creative marketing? Oh, forgot to tell you folks, there is the PBS-Guideline poison taken by innocent MCMC! 1 to AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim+PBS, 0 to competitors and MCMC. Read here if you want to read the AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim+PBS work.)

(Note. Bad bad boys folks? Really that serious? In mad house interpretation 'YES" this is scam and crime. In normal world of creative marketing "NO", unless someone make it looks like it's scam or crime. The decision is on YOUR HAND, why bother what marketing gimmick or stuff people does as long as they don't do it on purpose to scam or cheat? That's yet another story, I' not interested in going for details)

Operators, MCMC, CPs, Media and the interest parties, what shall they do now? Nothing actually happened besides the setup, so why bother? Nothing is perfect, just read the story for fun and keep on learning and fine tuning the common issues. Got issue, past to operator and solve it without giving competitor chances to sabotage. That's what makes Japan and South Korea it is today by keep on learning from mistakes. You don't find Toyota sabotage Nissan, or Hyndai poison-pen Kia. Mistakes, find it out, inform the parties involved, fix and goes on, it's just that simple. The only reason which will kill Malaysia future is the culture of Kampong King which still haunt ourselves. Stab our own people becomes the culture until today. To read more about the beginning of the AKN Mtech's Uncle stories, the possible solution and stuff MCMC and operators should consider to stop the nonsense, click here.

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

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