Thursday, June 14, 2007

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (1): Victim Macro Kiosk and "little birds" fact twisting conspiracy

Folks, the Micro Kiosk saga is one of the most innocent victim being badly tarnish in the whole scam, listed on the HALL OF SADNESS of Jeff Boy, the "Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime " who recently being sued by NST and rumored many other innocent victims.

To know more about Jeff Boy's little bird (prepare your camera), for you reading pleasure, here is a story :

Jeff Ooi, the Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime is once again showing off his little bird to cover the funny work he did. Take a look at the latest master piece:

Crime Scene 1


1. Opps, he did it again!
The Jeff Boy's trick of "picking up the points he wants you to perceive, and hiding the facts" is again in play. This simple prove of TWISTING the fact to mislead readers is by way defamation. Read this ".... SMS Scam: A RM3b question for MCMC...." Wow! Why the "SMS Scam" has to be in front of the sentense "A RM3b question for MCMC" yeah? Uncle if you don't know what is SMS and what is SCAM, go take an IT class or click here. Also the way uncle made it looks BIG NUMBER RM3b is so childish, you think authority will mislead by your baseless trick?

2. Opps, another innocent newspaper editor poison by Jeff's misleading twistings
Pity that editor who did not study well the actual situation and simply "twist" as if he'd affected by Jeff Boy's poison pen virus.

3. "Non-compliance" of what again? Mr IT expert?
Vomit reading Jeff Boy's way of "picking up the points he wants to mislead readers, hiding the actual facts", read here if you don't know what Jeff was trying to mislead. The misunderstood stuff the authority did based on unjustified setup and accusations was already a shame, and even more shameful some so called IT expert keep on twisting the facts and humiliate Malaysian in front of IT industry. Shame?

Crime Scene 2


1. Movie tickets, goodies bag and SMS Scam?

You will laugh and rolling on the floor when you read on our beloved blogger tactic of defaming his victim. This posting (click here) as snapshot below is totally ANOTHER example of SCAM and has nothing to do with SMS or Macrokiosk, and the "professional defamation work" some how LINK them together! Fantastic 5 starring "Jeff boy, the repeated ofender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" is the MAN!

2. Very very innocent youngsters bully like nobody business!

Imagine the two innocent people being twisted, black bath, defame and full with hate comments. What is this has to do with Macrokiosk? If you are not sure what is SMS, SPAM or SCAM, click here and read a balance view.

Crime Scene 3


1. Fantastic Defamation work!

Exactly full 10 winner for this year's defamation hall of shame for linking "SMS SCAM with China-man". Is Uncle Lim China-man selling GAMBLING and SEX services? Opps! Forgot that bad bad boy is take cares of your little birds yeah! China-man mah, do whatever you like to feed the birds lah. No problem! The sentense ".... Why are the Top SMS Scammers basically China-man companies?..." is another fantastic "pick up the points to mislead, hide the fact" tactic little Jeff Boy loves to do. Not really China-man, Uncle Lim, the gambling & sex service provider's BOSS is Indian! To learn about what is SMS, SPAM and SCAM, click here. The sentense should be ".... Why are the Top Scammers (like Defamation work) basically Chia-man?...". More precise!

That's all folks, read smart, read carefully and wake up once you finish reading the story!

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

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