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(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (4): Jeff Boy the Chief Editor, the Expert and the Judge for Uncle Lim vs Macrokiosk hate revenge?

Jeff Ooi Playing Games with Law and Self Moral

Folks, here goes some information about "EMAIL SCAM SPAM". So this is called SCAM:

If you study the generalized lies by Jeff Boy, as compared to clear defination of "SMS, PROMOTION, SPAM and SCAM" and "technical glitches", you probably can find "many common issues happens every second" from any companies offering you products & services, public services, your car, your house, your school and "yourself".
The issue of "why Telekom didn't answer my phone call" or "why Telekom bill still charges me service fees", or even "why my Telekom service cancellation did not take place" happens every day! Why Jeff Ooi is so particular in cooking the hardly happen technical or human error of these particular companies, if this is the first time you follow the story, click here to learn about the original motives and hates escalated from Uncle Lim (AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) to Jeff Boy and to his victims!

Folks, check out the latest contribution by readers comparing this victims issue vs mobile operators issues (the percentage of similar cases being recorded "everyday" by mobile operators vs their suppliers/service providers), so as out of the industry research reports (Telekom, Tenaga, Astro TV, which are all public service companies) on public service companies level of issues (percentage of similar cases being recorded "everyday").
To be updated!
My 2 kilo of Sweet Potato.
Miss Mobile Lim

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (3): Jeff Boy the gangster at work for Uncle Lim?

Reader's Letter 1:
Link unrelated to relate & fulfill a prophecy!

Folks, the IT expert-wannabe repeated offender of "Defamation, Sabotage and Crime", Jeff Ooi, is on the lie again! Maybe the only way he can get away some day from defamation accusation, he may want to pretend he is in fact a mad man! (like psychos, they will not be found guilty if they are proven psycho! So pretend you are MAD when you get caught yeah!) Read the latest master piece of "shaping and misleading" your perception by simply plug a lie from sky and starts making up story!


(click the photo to enlarge)

Scam Work Step 1: Misleading readers as usual!

Hello Mr IT expert! Learn about SMS, SOLICITED PROMOTION and UNSOLICITED PROMOTION(SPAM), ILLEGAL SPAM and SCAM, and differentiate them. SPOOFING and MASKING are two different stuff, learn what is possible and what is not before you pretend to be an expert. Read Jeff's misleading quote "..... even Celco-centric short codes are now being abused in SMS Spoofing and Short Code Masking, which are fraudulent acts...". This misleading and baseless quote itself is fraudulent and crime uncle! You should quote ".....even Celco-centric short codes are now being suspected to involve in SMS Spoofing and Short Code Masking. If proven TRUE, both are believe to be fraudulent acts...". YES, even myself will want to punish SPOOFING (bad bad boys), if you can find one - just ONE example uncle, let me know. So as Masking Unsolicited SPAM, should be punish as well. So as SCAM, yes, we must stop all the "Akademi Fantasi", "China Company Lottery" and "Prince of Africa Gold Mine" scammers, all should be imprison!

Want to know how to differentiate simple stuff as easy as "fruit"? Click here. Apple, Orange and Banana are fruits, they are different Jeff Boy! Hold on...........! Don't eat the Banana skin uncle! HOld hold hold on.....! That is Durian, you can't eat the skin either uncle!

Scam Work Step 2: Relate the innocent!

This SOLICITED SMS (or you can call it promotion message) is from operator (telcos), which mobile operators got paid for the SMS sent or it could be partnership with the operator (telcos). The web site mblog.com.my is owned by this person, and they probably did co-marketing with operators. There are probably few hundred partners working with operators (telcos) offering all sort of services. If you are mobile phone user and you subscribe to Maxis, Digi or Celcom, you agreed to their terms the minute you use their lines and they can send free promotion to you. If you dislike promotions, just call their customer support to block this service, it's just that simple uncle! So why the kampong boy screaming of yet another "common business practice" made it as if operators are sharks and scam providers? Who is the largest scam artist in town is probably yourself, Uncle Jeff.

Simple whois search: mblog.com.my MyNic info:

[ Domain
Name ]

[ MYNIC Registration
No. ]

[ Record
Created ]

[ Record
Expired ]

[ Record Last
Modified ]

[ Invoicing
Party MYNIC Handle: R022 ]Liew Ah FongCentral Data CentreLot
4.12A,Wisma Saberkas,93150 KuchingSarawakjacob@best.cdc.com.my(Tel)
082-240380(Fax) 082-244098

[ Registrant MYNIC
NO. 8, JALAN SULTAN ISMAIL50250 KUALA LUMPURWilayah Persekutuan(Tel)
03-77104301(Fax) -

[ Administrative Contact MYNIC
PersekutuanMalaysiatw.chen@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Billing Contact MYNIC
PersekutuanMalaysiatw.chen@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Technical Contact MYNIC
Handle: CPC006743 ]Yen YangACIAN TechnologiesLevel 26, Menara IMCNo.
8, Jln Sultan Ismail50250 Kuala LumpurWilayah
PersekutuanMalaysiasy.yang@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Primary Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA012844 ]

[ Secondary
Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA012845 ]

[ Secondary
Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA005094 ]

So? What is so special about this company that Jeff wanted to talk about? It's just one out of hundreds of service providers the operators (telcos) work together to offer value added services. Nobody will try a service if they don't find it interesting. Just like nobody can force you to buy Prada, LV and GUCCI. If you walk into the shop, don't buy don't scream "protect animal skin, stop bloody diamond trade, stop manipulate sexy female models".

Reader's Letter 2 :
Jeff Sexual harassment!

Folks, if I was to work in Malaysia I wil fall off my chair reading Jeff Boy's nonsense and file complaint to Women's Aid Organisation of Malaysia for misleading public with defamation, sexual harassment, verbal or otherwise in violation of women human rights.

Secondly, I receive several email asking me to post this unrelated "Jeff Boy" ugly duckling face reveal series since I sharply pointed out many lies and baseless defamation evidence (hope ISA is not reading this yeah. Read here for disclaimer.). I'm not a detective or even a journalist to reveal ugly mask and truth about anyone, don't get me wrong. Sorry guys.

Third, this innocent girl email me about Jeff Ooi's shameful women sexual harassment blog, I was shocked this rapist style of blogging is already beyond Bloggers Ethical limit! I decided I have to reveal the ugly ducking unethical way of defamation work else I don't deserve a stand in IT community. "Shaping the perception he wants you to perceive" is by way of spreading misleading information, and it's crime. Read this line from Jeff Boy's playground (fast, before this "edit"or make any changes)


(click image to enlarge)

Now let's see how Jeff Boy's method of defamation framing his stories making up like he knew everything. Even at the cost of creating a fake "girl" story?!

Scam Work Step 1: Misleading readers from beginning

Big old Jeff Boy's trick by "shaping your perception using misleading words" is again in use. This time dragging an innocent girl (if she ever existed) and tarnish, verbal-rape and harass her in his own words (Uncle, verbal is also crime. Click here). Read this:. "SMS Scam (what scam actually Big Eel? What was done by this victim?)" followed by "Ozura girl Gone (who is ozura girl big Eel?)". According to the email, the victim this time is a US company called Ozura (correct me if I'm wrong) with a Malaysia office and has nothing to do with Singapore. The nonsense escalated to their US office and questioning their Malaysia representative "WHO HIRE ANY GIRL IN SINGAPORE ON BEHALF?" The company has no office or staff in Singapore, so whos is this wonderful fantasy girl?! Wow! Like that also can! What a big lier Uncle Jeff, shame shame.

Scam Work Step 2: Tarnish and harass the victim

Uncle! Shame on you tarnish a "girl" using words like "blowjob" (if this girl is for real, report police immediately, be strong!). However according to the reader there is NO SUCH COMPANY OR STAFF in Singapore, and surprising Jeff seems to be the human resource manager working in that company. If there is no such ghost employee, how could "she" be hired and fired (and do blowjob at the same time), seems like Jeff force her to do so yeah? So who is this Jeff Ooi's secret mistress he slept with in Singapore? Mrs Jeff, you have any idea? Did you know that making up story using "lie" and "defame" a company or person using baseless claims is serious crime? Click here for Ethical Blogging and sample criminal charges.

Scam Work Step 3: Repeat the harassment!

Criminal work using baseless accusations by Uncle Jeff is once again caught on screenshot! Uncle uncle uncle, shame on you tarnish again and again a non existence "girl" like sex mania torturing his victim repeatedly. Read Jeff Ooi's words "....she gets a more decent job than prostituting, under duress, as a ghost-writer. ....." Hello Uncle Jeff, you love prostituting yeah? Illegal in Malaysia you know? Come Singapore lah if you really itchy. Behave your little birds, don't test on women's tolerance level on sexual harassment.

Reader's Letter 3:

Jeff Ooi fraud, scam and money laundering!

Further reading Jeff Ooi's self-edited, self-author, self-directed, self-casted drama, this laughable so called "evidence", you will laugh rolling on the floor!

This new "kok"suckers blog was setup on 12 June 2007 just to finish his dirty work to prove that he is so smart, he needs to cover his lies by making up stories with his own "fake/self-made" supporter. The blog name "kok'sucker itself sounds like Jeff's work, childish enough to make you and me vomit.

Read Jeff Ooi's words on his ghost blog (Opps! Did I mention Jeff Ooi's blog?): "..... Fraud, Scams & Money Laundering is dirty business. SMS scams is as well. But for it to work someone must provide the avenue via Celcos. Someone named JeffOoi blogged about it and is now subjected to ‘Cyber Terrorism’ as the person/s behind the illegal activities are trying to make threats either directly or indirectly.....". Hello Mr movie director of the year 1950! Did you know your own fraud, scams and money laundering instinct is exactly spelling out "what you are doing exactly" from the bottom of your heart right now? Did someone pays you to do scam works and money laundering taking advertisement and sponsorship doing defamation, sabotage and crime? Selling your soul for money is nothing different from prostituting yourself uncle!

Jeff's self-made Hacker-wannabe comment is so childish, a simple programmer like me wanted to cry how stupid he think IT knowledge workers are. Programmers only believe in numbers and facts, not lie and baseless claims. Do it scientifically uncle. The IP PING work any 12 year-old kid can do it. Jeff though he is so smart to PING the domain registrar. It's public information, so? Read this digging "....Domain Name: ANTIJEFFOOI.COM Registrar: MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE Whois Server: whois.melbourneit.com Referral URL: http://www.melbourneit.com Name Server: YNS1.YAHOO.COM Name Server: YNS2.YAHOO.COM Status: clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 12-jun-2007 Creation Date: 12-jun-2007 Expiration Date: 12-jun-2008..." So? Every donkey and monkey domain names are registered using different registrar, what is so special professor?

Jeff also attack that blogger antijeffooi.com for being personal, because frankly, I also find it too "personal" (no offense to the author of antijeffooi.com). Read this "....Now it might look like this is a concern person as he posted on he’s blog that its meant to provide “a fairer and balance view of what have been written in Jeff’s blogsite”. But if one reads the blog its obvious its not a fairer or any balanced view of anything other than trying to flush JO from doing anymore blogging. It was a personal attack and character assassination by Uncle Rain. ..." Either he or she out there, read Blogger's Ethic before you take it too personal. But hey! Look at Jeff himself, only a monkey will laugh at others "monkey monkey monkey"! (Maybe I also looks a like yeah?). SO what is the big deal uncle?

Big Big Question:

Curious. When that auntiejeffooi blog was tarnish, Jeff pretends he is IT-smart-kid making up fake IP PING, traceroute, etc, childish stuff and suspect "everyone" he came across. So high-tech yeah? Don't humiliate IT knowledge workers old man. There is one blog slicing Jeff Ooi's evidence of lies, defamation and baseless accusations, which explain why our beloved Jeff Ooi didn't like mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com and escape truth comments from posted on his little lier playground jeffooi.com . Maybe Miss Mobile Lim has more IT knowledge and got hired to work in good-salary (ka-ching$$!) guai-lo IT company in Singapore, while Jeff Ooi can only make money from lie & defamation and making story earning advertising money from his blog. Rumor Jeff is also involved in money laundering (together with his partner Uncle Lim? (Uncle Lim frm AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) and political sabotage! (folks, this is baseless yeah). Maybe he don't want all his real dirty work got reveal?

That's my 2 kilo salt and 2 kilo sand the dinner plate. Don't take too much salt folks, if you can't take salty stuff!

Miss Mobile Lim

Sunday, June 24, 2007

(draft) Ethic Bloggers United (1): Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime.

Ethical Blogging

Folks, if you enjoy reading my blog, you will find the difference between my blog (which keep on telling you "UFO may or may not be true", as compared to some bloggers who consider themselves very smart and pretend they know everything (and they believe readers are stupid to believe in their twisted facts).

In my earlier blog, I have mentioned that my story is meant for academy study, and subject to verification. I call it story because it could be made up and you read it for entertainment purpose! Although it's meant for academy study, I have to make sure my readers (if you are reading this) understand that it's could be true or false, and I am applying ethical blogging practice. This has open up the discussion on basic blogging concept, which for myself I think is more for discussion purpose & personal opinion rather than act like expert or simply judge an issue. I call this "ethical blogging".

With the healthy concept in mind, my blog attracts many friendly and unfriendly bloggers email giving ideas and comments, which I either read it, or just delete (due to volume), and agree or disagree is another issue. As you can see the disclaimer I put on, the last paragraph mention about "Ethic Blogger and Blogger's Code of Conduct". This is the part every blogger should really look into to keep the bloggerland a better place for you and for me! My sample disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Folks, if anyone ready this academy discussion material, all the names and stories may or may not have similarity or accuracy, and it's not meant for actual reference. Don't play stupid believe in "Santa Claus is real and Superman is going to save the world" or "George Bush Friend of Alien" fairy tales. America never send Rambo to Vietnam, Arnold Schwarzenegger were never sent to Soviet as a spy. Reading blog is like taking ecstasy pill or watching Alice in Wonderland story book. Make sure you wake up after finish the story & done with the fantasy!

Credits: Thanks to some yellow and blue friends. Also service providers, some officers and general public contribution. Sorry if I copy your comments for some of the postings. ESPECIALLY THANKS to bloggers who felt the shame of the nation having criminal blogger. "J.....defamation gave a bad word to the word blogging" sadly quoted by a blogger.

Ethic Bloggers United: Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime, promote healthy and responsible blogspace. Stop irresponsible blogger from "Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons" and "Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person" - Tim O'Reilly. By Miss Mobile Lim (prepared as an academy discussion material, have fun!)

Even my disclaimer itself may NOT be true, since before the you read the blog, I mention it's a "story" and meant for "academy study" only!

Blogger's Code of Conduct

Suggested by Tim O'Reilly, he clearly calls for a Blogger's Code of Conduct, which highlighted these 2 sentences. Blog should not:
1. Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons
2. Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person

The study subject of this blog is an example of unethical blogger compared to ethical blogger with self-regulation, like kennysia.com.

Bloggers Legal Responsibility In Action : There is Law Out There

If you do blogging yourself, make sure when you do assumptions, clearly stated it's your personal opinion and it could be false. There is nothing above the LAW and defamation and spreading misleading information is still a CRIME even in cyber space. You can make up story and said that it's personal option or open for academy discussion, you cannot make up story and pretend to be true and knowingly false but promoting your assumptions to the public. Here are some examples of bloggers under the law is still under the law:

"....Blogger Roberto Mancini, 59, was convicted of defamation last month in Aosta, northern Italy, and sentenced to pay $16,900 in fines and damages...." When cruel words is found guilty, false information should be imprisons.

".... India legislation controlling false information and defamation blogging...." Defamation blogging = crime. Same standard for other moral conscious countries in Asia, especially China, Malaysia and even Singapore.

".... China with a nation of 1.2billion people, a slight defamation could create social instability. No human being wants a Third World War because some irresponsible blogger twisted the real story and defame the political system...." Comment a blogger. While we enjoy the freedom of (true) free speech, don't twist facts and turn into another China. http://ledux.blogspot.com/2006/10/chinese-blogger-sentenced-to-three.html

".... Student Blogger Loses Defamation Case ...." Even students common wrong doing like testing drugs and underage alcohol are not tolerated under the law. When comes to law and order cannot run away either from cyber law. Defamation equals crime.

"....Several cases have been brought before the national courts against bloggers concerning issues of defamation or liability..." Like tabloid, people likes gossip. Nobody like to know "President Clinton visiting China" which is IMPORTANT and TRUE, but people loves "Clinton Third Sex Scandal with FEMALE ALIEN" which is MADE UP STORY and NOT
TRUE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog#Defamation_or_liability

".... Blogger faces trial for official defamation..." Read about the defamation case charged under the law: http://middleeastdesk.org/article.php?id=932

".... The official in question then charged Baroudy for defamation, which carries a sentence of six months in prison and a fine of 1,500 Algerian Dinars (approx. US$21)...." Another example of blogger in trouble, which mostly went too far to the other side of the law. http://allafrica.com/stories/200706130866.html

"....Unofficial evidence of Jeff Ooi defamation and financial implication
motives, check the 2 blogs...."
quoted a blogger. Who doesn't want to make money from blog advertisement, but not at the cost of defamation. "Jeff ooi way of defamation gave a bad word to the word blogging" sadly quoted by a blogger. Some references: http://www.machai.net/weblog/machai.net/2006/07/screening_your_shots_jeff.html http://www.photomalaysia.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-20587.html

Dangers of misusing blogs

(Original: The Sun Newspaper)

" Defamation and libel can be described as an injury to the reputation or character of someone resulting from false statements. Defamation is an attack, albeit false and, or malicious on one's good name. It exposes or subjects one to odium, hatred, contempt, ridicule, or disgrace, or causes one to be shunned or avoided.

In short, defamation/libel can be described as words - written or spoken - tending to lower an individual or organisation in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.

Our laws protect every citizen from harm to their reputation by false and derogatory remarks. It is enshrined that every citizen can seek redress if they believed that they have been defamed. Over the years, many media organisations have found this out the hard way. Sloppy and even malicious reporting have resulted in payouts and dents to the organisations' reputation and credibility.

Some years ago, media organisations, journalist unions and non-government organisatisations rallied together to fight multi-million ringgit awards given by the courts in defamation cases. The fight then was not so much against being sued or being found guilty of defamation, because no one including the media can be above the law, but against the ridiculously high awards.
The defamation suit filed last week by The New Straits Times Press (NSTP) and several of its executives against two bloggers on the internet has once again brought the issue to the fore, but with a twist.

The blogging community and even some NGOs have labelled it as an attempt to curb freedom of expression over the internet. Some have even described it as going against the government's guarantee of no censorship on the internet.

They are wrong.

It is the message, not the medium, that is the issue here. Were the articles/postings that appeared in the two blogs defamatory? The plaintiffs have to prove to the court that they were. If they are proven to be defamatory, they would be defamatory whether they appeared over the internet, published in newspapers or broadcast over radio and TV. And if they were not defamatory, they were not, regardless of the medium they appeared in. It is a fallacy to assume that defamation laws don't operate in cyberspace just because the government said it would not exercise censorship. And it would be dangerous.

Non censorship is not a licence to break the laws of the country. The internet and blogging have empowered ordinary citizens to express themselves. Those of us who value the power we now have, must do our utmost to ensure it is not abused.

Yes, bloggers should unite, but unite against those who misuse the blogs because they are the real threat to the future of blogging. "

Well Folks, while you enjoy reading blogs, and thinking of doing your own blogging, make sure you enjoy freedom of speech under the LAW, and conduct self-regulation under Blogger's Code of Conduct. Enjoy blogging!

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

Monday, June 18, 2007

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (2)(b): Jeff the financial expert? Evidence caught on SCREENSHOT!

WOW! Oucccch! That was FAST an "edit"or!

Folks, here is another evidence of Jeff Ooi's latest scam work. Jeff Ooi, a repeated ofender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime, this time "caught live in front of SCREENSHOT"!

While I was about to take a dinner break, I saw this newly posted, opps, newly "edited" scandal of Jeff Ooi's poison pen, something strong happened. The Original Post by Jeff Ooi after I posted one by one his baseless assumptions defaming his victim, he quickly edit the posting. Here is the comparison:

Now you see it!

(click the image to enlarge)

Now you don't!

(WOW! Uncle! Crime is crime, you did it, it's recorded on tape, you can't clean it! Shame shame!)

(click the image to enlarge)

Scam Work Step 14 : Hide the Wolf Tail, Change the evidence, Continue scam poison pen! Journalist yeah? What a jerk-he-is!

Screams an old lady "Oh My God! Look at that long tail little Red Ride Hood has! Naughty girl, bad bad!" Earlier morning Malaysia time Jeff Ooi "the repeated offender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" almost wanted to fall from his chair reading Miss Mobile Lim's academy study on "bogus and made up crime evidence" done by beloved Jeff Ooi in making up stories baselessly (evidence here), the original blog was "edited" and still childishly being twisted in Jeff Ooi's words "....To date, Nextnation has only updated Bursa Malaysia, dated March 28, 2007, up to its unaudited interim financial report for the third quarter ended January 31, 2007....." SO? What Mr Finance Minister-wanna-be wanted to say about his edited crime evidence and put a "only" in his sentence, where the company report results ON TIME like any other companies? Shame shame old man.

Mr Defamation, Sabotage and Crime caught on tape? You bet!

My 2 more kilograms of salt.

Miss Mobile Lim

Sunday, June 17, 2007

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (2): Jeff the financial expert? Journalist ethic crisis.

Jeff Ooi and Uncle Lim (from AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD), the Scam Artists Legend continues...

Folks, enjoy reading the academic study so far about Malaysia Twisted Telecommunication Industry? The industry itself is twisted, but quite natural as part of the evolution process and still manageable. Fortunately the fog was cleared and people finally found that is was hype and normal issue was magnified to mislead the parties of interest which came with business agenda. Fortunately like any economy, the demand and supply itself will sooner or later takes place to adjust by itself as long as there is not much unnecessary human intervention. What hype or scam stories will clear by itself in front of justice.

Now let's study something more interesting compared to the telecommunication industry itself. The previous chapters reveal the IT illiterates landscape in Malaysia where a low-tech knowledge blogger pretend to be expert in IT by teaming up with corporate competitor to do their dirty work. Here is the next chapter of this academy study revealing the follow through episode of Jeff+Lim corporate sabotage agenda.

SO? Jeff Ooi is the God Father, the Police, the Judge, the IT Expert, the Government, The Prime Minister, and now Financial Expert!

Ever since the self proclaimed professional scam artist by the name of Jeff Ooi (jeffooi.com) started to involve in money scandal (also read here) and competitor defamation agenda together with his rumored new playmate AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim (AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) in organized-crime, their dirty work was later reveal and finally turn sour and they lost the crowd. Like any "Alien Space Ship" bogus news headlines, the audience get bored when the truth was reveal. That also means Jeffooi.com (the website Jeff made from defaming politician, corporates or individual victims, and making up stories to gain web traffic and earn advertising money) traffic crash to rock bottom!

Big Question: Truth reveal, dust settled, so how to hype up web traffic?

To pay for Jeff's five star hotel and first class flights, once again he kneels in front of money pressure and started to take corporate money (sample suspects: AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim (AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD), and LG Advertisement). Like Jeff's saying "Life's Good... 2007 line-up from Korea", he does has a good life living outside of mad house and carries the title as "repeated offender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" from Malaysia to South Korea!

(Sorry to say this Mrs Ooi, you deserve and should report to Women's Aid Organisation if Jeff did not buy you and your kids food, and instead pays for his own lifestyle and jeopardize his family with all the shameful nonsense. This is family reap off! We have hands, we do not need to live with a mad man. If he's being rude and violence like the way he poison innocent politician, corporation and people, if you need help click here).
You may ask "Why the two companies?" Read the earlier chapter, you will understand. With hundreds of competitors and many international players were accused (many of them are in Malaysia, like ZED, Sybase365 and others), this foolish old man still sticking his thick face pretend he didn't knew his mistakes and still does his crime by "picking up pieces of misleading information, and hiding the truth". Shame Shame old man. Some what pity. With his thick face, he just ignore his low-tech knowledge and continue his defamation agenda. You need 2 mad man to conduct organized crime!

Jeff Ooi the Finance Minister!

So folks, here goes the latest joke! This time scam master Jeff Ooi becomes "Financial expert" and defame a listed company his counterpart Uncle Lim believed to be largest competitor of AKN Mtech. Like Jeff's own word "I always like to help the underdogs", he is indeed trying to save his website jeffooi.com traffic to earn some first class flight tickets by pretending he knows about finance.

Again, Jeff Ooi as the master of "repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime", he once again stretching his dirty fingers to twist the points, hide the facts! What he may not know is his method of "picking up incomplete information" to "mislead" his readers under non academic environment is actually CRIME when dealing with Security Commission under Bursa Malaysia.

(Wonder what was the owners of AKN Mtech was thinking (AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD, hide under a new name for the shameful lie uncle did to his investors). Allowing Uncle Lim to bark and damage the Dato's face, by hiring an unethical self-proclaimed journalist to poison his competitors. Would that stop the world from spining or would that improve his technology and turn competitive overnight? The unsolved mystery is yet to find a better answer explaining his mania works.)

Our beloved Jeff Boy latest defamation master piece : Next Nation

Newbie to journalist crime? If you want to know how to defame or sabotage, read the "Idiot Guide to Sabotage". (visit http://mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com/2007/06/draft-uncle-lim-married-to-jeff-ooi.html )

Now let's get into the main course! Wanted to get the original master piece? click here: http://www.jeffooi.com/2007/06/sms_scam_18_how_big_is_the_gra.php. The following is the piece by piece highlights of Jeff's method of "picking up the pieces you want people to perceive, hide the facts" tactic.

(click above to enlarge the photo!)

Scam Work Step 1: Frame and shape your reader perception

The Number one ethic issue in any fair judgment or journalism is to avoid "misleading" readers perception. This wonderful self-proclaimed journalist Jeff Ooi is doing exactly the opposite in most of his master pieces (of defamation, sabotage and crime). Opps he did it again! Read his method "SMS Scam:.....then stories goes on in circle" Question: What scam has to do with this victim in particular yeah?!? Putting the titles "scam" and repeatedly poison the readers by "picking up the pieces of misleading information, hide the fact" will make foolish readers believe in "scam" has anything to relate to this victim? Especially with so many other service providers out there, many are victims of misjudgment as well, lovely Jeff Ooi just pick one or two victim for what reason? Maybe ask his hubbyUncle Lim?"

Scam Work Step 2: Highlight the industry size full of red-eye

This is even more laughable. Read this "....look at the hard facts available on the public domain..." What is the market size has anything to do with Mr Jeff Ooi, the self proclaimed IT expert? Because he's an IT expert (as he claims) and can't make the money other IT companies are making? By comparing the mobile data industry, the "suppliers" revenue is just a fraction of the entire Mobile data revenue by the operators (telcos), which is less than few Percentages of what operators are making. Not even a tiny Percentage of the yellow company mua used to deal with. Being said that, operators are the largest "service providers" in Mobile Data themselves, so who is the father of scam (if that is what our beloved Jeff Ooi wanted to call them)? Mr Ooi still pretend Malaysian are stupid and low-tech knowledge to understand what is scam and what is not.

Scam Work Step 3 : Highlight the victim as if it's a serious player in the market. So what? Eye-even-more-red? AND So?

This is the best part. After "shaping" your view, "highlight" the size of the industry, and "put a victim" in the following sentence, makes the victim looks centered. So? So the operator (telco) service provider being successful and delivers more business with Maxis, Digi and Celcom means what? More likely to have business issues and also means easier for competitor to trap and victimize by volume probability? What industry doesn't being a target of competitors? So what is our lovely Jeff Ooi wanted to show off? To help his client (opps, perhaps his bride) to achieve what? Defame? Sabotage? Or slow down competitors?

(click above to enlarge the photo!)

Scam Work Step 4 : Repeatedly highlight the common errors even though it's not justified, clarified and case closed

"......listed as a three-time non-compliant ASP Licensee announced by MCMC in April 2007. The incidents had been highlighted in Screenshots (May 18, 2007), and here's a recap:......." The sentence itself when read about the truth(click here) made any knowledge worker, tech player, programmer or engineer wanted to vomit and feel ashame living in a country with a self-proclaimed so called IT expert humiliating Malaysian in front of global technology frontier. Three time non-complaint ASP licensee of what? Maybe 300 times, and so? Uncle, read about technology glitches if you don't know what it is before you bark. With few million technology glitches everyday from Telekom to Tenaga, so? Maybe they should "hire Uncle Jeff" as IT consultant yeah? Oh, I forgot he's an IT expert!

Scam Work Step 5 : Repeatedly "pick up" the misleading points, hide the fact and start sabotage!

The best Defamation and Misleading Award for the year 2007 should add a new candidate. Jeff Ooi, the "repeated offender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" is definitely on top of the list, should be higher than Uncle Lim by now! Now techies, let's do the REAL recap:

"...... 1 ) For a case of termination not processed, the company had the 32099 short code suspended for about one week, from November 20 to December 8, 2006......" (MEANS, could be server error such as Internet delay or Telekom leaseline corruption escalated to database crashed or disconnected from point to point, result in program malfunction. There are dozens of possibilities for technology glitches. Services can't be processed including termination. Issue resolved, case closed, normal business bug. So why this part ofthe story was hidden? Which server doesn't have same issue? Not techie enough, read here.)

"....... 2 ) For another case of termination not processed, the company had the same 32099 short code suspended AGAIN for about one week, from December 21 to 27, 2006....." (MEANS. The technical glitch was not cleaned up enough. With million of transactions, even IBM or Microsoft also can't clean 100% errors. Your Windows Vista still hang right? Repeatedly? So go sue Microsoft yeah? Again the issue was resolved, business back to normal. So?)

"....... 3 ) For a third case of termination not processed, the company had the 32966 short code suspended since April 12, 2007...... " (MEANS. Technology is not 100% control by human being, with millions of transactions flying in light speed between servers, leaselines, database, software, hardware, etc., if IBM, Microsoft, Telekom, Tenaga can't guarantee 100% error free, your fellow tiny Malaysia software can guarantee that? Are you insane uncle Jeff? So the PBS-Guideline being setup with a loophole, so what? So competitor can abuse and let lovely Jeff Ooi barking yeah?)

"..... Interestingly, Nextnation's associate Dubaitech Marketing Sdn Bhd was also cited for two cases of non-compliance in the same fraud list published by MCMC, namely: 4 ) For a case of termination not processed and unsanctioned transfer of short code, the company had the 33566 short code suspended for about five weeks, from July 24 to December 1, 2006....." (MEANS. The company transfer data from one server to another server. So? Kids also know that transferring data could have down-time and errors, and any transition time, interesting enough how "competitor" could trap the perfect time to victimize a competitor. Even more interesting, such simple common issue was perceived as BIG THING. More stupidly, the stupid company Next Nation didn't even EXPLAIN the facts to the authority. Perhaps the authority are poisoned? Perhaps they "don't even understand" what is technology, made them the PERFECT bridge for competitor victimization work. So the issue was clarified, closed and business resume. So? And by the way, YES, Telekom and Tenaga has common share holder. So?)

".....5 ) For another case of termination not processed, the company had the 33522 short code suspended for about three weeks, from December 27, 2006 to January 18, 2007......" (MEANS. The old grandma story, being accused of same old common glitch and issue resolved, business back to normal. So?)

So what is Jeff Ooi so obsessed with this company and another young victim (Macrokiosk), both potential competitor of legendary Uncle Lim? The Jeff Ooi's method "picking up the points to mislead your perception, hiding the fact" is not uncommon in his master pieces of scam bag articles. So what is this has to do with US, the funny readers who STILL READ ON until this line?

Scam Work Step 6 : group the tiny misleading points, combine and manipulate

".... Seen together..." as he highlighted, in the Jeff Ooi's dirty way of shaping your perspective, so Telekom, Tenaga, MAS, etc government linked organizations all are related and all have countless technical glitches. So?

Scam Work Step 7 : Sour Grape & poison pen!

"...... on June 5, both Nextnation Network and Dubaitech Marketing were solemnised and honoured among a group of 18 SMS-based content providers in the Maxis Elite external Content Provider (ECP) Partners Programme -- witnessed by senior officials from MCMC....." (MEANS asking "WHY AKN MTECH wasn't in the list yeah? Why after doing so many work trying to defame so many competitors, still cannot defame the two largest competitors yeah? Uncle, what technology you have? Even my X yellow company is servicing real music, java application, Callertone, GPS bla bla bla. Focus on R&D and compete in product, stop barking or get lost!)

(click above to enlarge the photo!)

The Jeff Ooi's method of "picking up points he wants you to perceive, and hiding the facts" went further when he pretend to be Financial Expert. This time, he went too far, too obvious, hitting his own feet. "Misleading information and false public information not under academic study is by way CRIME under Malaysia financial market. " Quoted a blogger in his email.

Now let's look at the facts. Who is Next Nation (http://www.nextnationnet.com/)? The company, like Macrokiosk is another local IT company which took their technology to global markets. Their foot print so far includes Asia Pacific, China, India, Japan even Saudi Arabia. Their customers are like major mobile operators (telcos), Buena Vista (Disney?), Excite Japan, TV3, NTV7, etc. Their products went amazingly diversified from text to content, games, applications, video streaming, ring back tone, etc. The company is among the few who compete with the Americans, the European, Japanese and Korean in both local and foreign. So? Export of Made in Malaysia technology being red-eye by Malaysian itself?

Now let's look at the laughable joke uncle Jeff has made.

Scam Work Step 8 : Finance Expert at work? Idiot guide to reading Bursa Malaysia!

In Jeff Ooi's wording "...... For the record, to date, Nextnation has yet to publish via Bursa Malaysia its cumulative financial reports for the quarters ended December 31, 2006, and March 31, 2007, respectively...." (FACTS. Dangerously uncle Jeff pretend to be financial expert and quoted the company reports for the quarters ended December 31 2006 and March 31 2007. Hello Uncle? The company Next Nation according to Bursa Malaysia quarter ends January 31 2007 <which was reported here>, and coming quarter ends April 30 2007, which is due coming these 2 months. When comes to financial knowledge, even publicly available information our beloved uncle Lim also wanted to "twist" and "turn". Here goes another evidence of Jeff Ooi being the "repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime". For above, quoted 2 wrong dates, mis-leaded the public in his wordings hinting wrong quarterly results, further mis-leaded public the January 31 2007 quarter was not published. 4 crime in a roll!)

Scam Work Step 9 : Misleaded data and false assumptions

In Jeff Ooi's wording "...... This is clearly reflected in Nextnation's market performance through its stock prices on MESDEQ. From a high of over 70 sen per share in late last year, it has slipped to around 25 sen by late May. See the charts plotted by StarBiz below...." (FACTS. Hello Mr Finance Minister Tan Sri Jeff Ooi! Did you know that misleading the public and making assumption, "guiding public" to perceive listed company is by way serious crime? All listed companies has share price going up and down, depends on stock market self function. The company Next Nation just had it's bonus splitting the shares smaller (on May 25 2007), of cause the share price will be adjusted down. Did you notice GENTING and IOI shares going from RM50 to RM8 and RM20 to RM5 respectively? Also share price goes down could be fund managers selling, share holders selling or across MESDAQ all shares are generally down. Did you know your good friend Uncle Lim is feeding you serious misleading information? You can shout and bark rubbish but never mess with Bursa Malaysia. Even small lady investor like me also knew about share split. Wake up uncle! )

Scam Work Step 10 : Repeat the false accusation again and again!

In Jeff Ooi's word "....Based on feedback from fellow bloggers in Indonesia, Screenshots (June 1, 2007) highlighted a similar case of a company implicated in Indonesia for SMS Scam...." This is the most funny, laughable joke! When Jeff Ooi's ugly duckling face was reveal, he can still pretend the world wide web is so big, nobody will find out the FACTS from the FALSE accusations. The Indonesia blogger he so called, was according to Indonesia mobile operator was another FALSE accusation, base less and unjustified (read here for the real story of BRTI accusations and mobile operators record). If you fall off your chair earlier, wait until you read this piece of so called "accusation" and "evidence", which dismissed all the false claims shamefully. Further in Jeff Ooi's word "Indonesian regulator, Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia(BRTI), has since ordered for the 4-digit short code 9700 assigned to the company to be blocked with effect from April 5, 2007 after it was suspended from October 5, 2006...." The mobile operator confirmed that non unjustified victim of competitor was BLOCKED as of today. Business resume as normal. Wake up uncle! Do scientific verification before you poison pen any victim!

Scam Work Step 11 : The fun part - make assumptions and false hints! So?

In Jeff Ooi's word "..... The records show PT STAR is co-owned by Nextnation....", so what is wrong with that? Bursa Malaysia annual record shows this Malaysia company has expended to several countries with more than 20 "co-owned" companies. SO?!?? Scratch my head, so since when common technology issues has become a competitor attack issue? Until when the old man from dinasours era stop pretending and believing that general public's technology knowledge is still stuck in the 286 personal computer era? So linking two different incidents together, mix with your own assumption will "MISLEAD" your readers to believe in your scandal? Wake up uncle!

Scam Work Step 12 : Bring in lame ally to strengthen a point!

In Jeff Ooi's words "....Glad to announce that fellow blogger at juicytrips.blogspot.com, who is a former Secretary General of IMOCA (Indonesian Mobile and Online Content Provider Association), is tracking this on his radar screen...." Sounds like Ugly duckling finally found another ugly duckling and said "God, I am not alone the dirty ugly duckling!" Finding an FALSE ally in the middle of the millions of TRUTH out there is not easy, and so? What you try to prove uncle? That your make up story and ugly assumptions finally being reveal, could be kept the truth from the public? What is IMOCA? Did you know who are the "current" members in actual power to make a say? What a "former" member's personal diary matching your conspiracy theory would make a difference?

Scam Work Step 13 : Keep on defaming and make assuptions!

Jeff Ooi's method really funny yeah? Maybe people with little birds are all funny. Making one assuption to another, like rapist getting addicted to his own act. What is the hiring and firing or coming or going of a staff has to do with our beloved Jeff Ooi? With the size of Next Nation as they reported, and like any IT companies, staff who join and go is like EVERYDAY. So? A CFO who resigned and pursue his own career also becomes a topic of our lovely uncle Jeff? The company probably has 20 accountants, 10 CFA, 5 finance controller each qualified as CFO, so? What Mr IT expert wants to prove? That's his client (opps, sorry, hubby I mean) can't compete and being promised to defame, got defeated by FACTS and FIGURES, has to "do something" to find loopholes to defame the 2 more prominent competitors?

Make up Uncle Lim and Aunty Jeff. Get a live and stop humiliating yourselves. Most importantly STOP HUMILIANTING MALAYSIAN IT KNOWLEDGE WORKERS. We are bad enough to be considered low-tech country!

For anyone interested in studying the complete financial information of this company, check here: http://announcements.bursamalaysia.com/EDMS/AnnWeb.nsf/dfDisplayForm?Openform&Count=-1&form=dfDisplayForm&viewname=LsvAnnsAll&category=NEXTNATION+COMMUNICATION+BERHAD+%28MESDAQ+Market%29

My 2 kilo gram of salt.

Miss Mobile Lim
(sorry for my English, draft academic paper only, will fine tune later. have fun!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (1): Victim Macro Kiosk and "little birds" fact twisting conspiracy

Folks, the Micro Kiosk saga is one of the most innocent victim being badly tarnish in the whole scam, listed on the HALL OF SADNESS of Jeff Boy, the "Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime " who recently being sued by NST and rumored many other innocent victims.

To know more about Jeff Boy's little bird (prepare your camera), for you reading pleasure, here is a story : http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2005/04/jeff_oois_littl.php

Jeff Ooi, the Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and crime is once again showing off his little bird to cover the funny work he did. Take a look at the latest master piece:

Crime Scene 1
(original: http://www.jeffooi.com/2007/06/sms_scam_a_rm3b_question_for_m.php)


1. Opps, he did it again!
The Jeff Boy's trick of "picking up the points he wants you to perceive, and hiding the facts" is again in play. This simple prove of TWISTING the fact to mislead readers is by way defamation. Read this ".... SMS Scam: A RM3b question for MCMC...." Wow! Why the "SMS Scam" has to be in front of the sentense "A RM3b question for MCMC" yeah? Uncle if you don't know what is SMS and what is SCAM, go take an IT class or click here. Also the way uncle made it looks BIG NUMBER RM3b is so childish, you think authority will mislead by your baseless trick?

2. Opps, another innocent newspaper editor poison by Jeff's misleading twistings
Pity that editor who did not study well the actual situation and simply "twist" as if he'd affected by Jeff Boy's poison pen virus.

3. "Non-compliance" of what again? Mr IT expert?
Vomit reading Jeff Boy's way of "picking up the points he wants to mislead readers, hiding the actual facts", read here if you don't know what Jeff was trying to mislead. The misunderstood stuff the authority did based on unjustified setup and accusations was already a shame, and even more shameful some so called IT expert keep on twisting the facts and humiliate Malaysian in front of IT industry. Shame?

Crime Scene 2
(Original: http://www.jeffooi.com/2007/06/mivie_tickets_goodies_bag_and.php)


1. Movie tickets, goodies bag and SMS Scam?

You will laugh and rolling on the floor when you read on our beloved blogger tactic of defaming his victim. This posting (click here) as snapshot below is totally ANOTHER example of SCAM and has nothing to do with SMS or Macrokiosk, and the "professional defamation work" some how LINK them together! Fantastic 5 starring "Jeff boy, the repeated ofender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" is the MAN!

2. Very very innocent youngsters bully like nobody business!

Imagine the two innocent people being twisted, black bath, defame and full with hate comments. What is this has to do with Macrokiosk? If you are not sure what is SMS, SPAM or SCAM, click here and read a balance view.

Crime Scene 3


1. Fantastic Defamation work!

Exactly full 10 winner for this year's defamation hall of shame for linking "SMS SCAM with China-man". Is Uncle Lim China-man selling GAMBLING and SEX services? Opps! Forgot that bad bad boy is take cares of your little birds yeah! China-man mah, do whatever you like to feed the birds lah. No problem! The sentense ".... Why are the Top SMS Scammers basically China-man companies?..." is another fantastic "pick up the points to mislead, hide the fact" tactic little Jeff Boy loves to do. Not really China-man, Uncle Lim, the gambling & sex service provider's BOSS is Indian! To learn about what is SMS, SPAM and SCAM, click here. The sentense should be ".... Why are the Top Scammers (like Defamation work) basically Chia-man?...". More precise!

That's all folks, read smart, read carefully and wake up once you finish reading the story!

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

Earlier tarnish & wonderful story making, read for your pleasure!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

(draft) Technology 101. Hardware, Software, Spoofing, Spam?

(any comments or suggestions, keep on coming. Still editing the emails.)

IT, Computer, Hardware, Software. Different yeah?

Folks, if you survived the long story I mumble here, for God Sake, Congratulation! Welcome to the world of blogging - it's all about fantasy & entertainment!

If you do read through the craps I wrote (I never said blogging has to be real, did I?), here is a little bit more stuff I need to mumble. As a programmer and X telco staff I can't stand the unjust happenings in this fantasy world of Jeff Ooi & Uncle Lim. If you are a programmer or study IT related stuff, remember the helpless feeling when your auntie or uncle ask you "You study computer right? You sell computer or not? Can you fix my computer?" Come on... I don't blame them. Even my X ask me to fix his computer. I'm Computer Science grad for God Sake and I only do software not hardware, and I don't fix computers! So you see, "blind accusation" targeting people without industry "knowledge" is misleading.

Remember the end of year 2000 Internet bubble (when you are still in High school or college)? After the global technology crash, whenever you heard of "Internet" people only believe it's "bubble" or "hype". One old folk used to say "Study what computer lah, Internet is dot-con, useless lah! Go study law or medicine!" Who would have differentiated hype vs real business? Who would have thought of Ebay.com and Google.com are serious business model today? This is the same with real mobile business vs SCAM, SMS vs SPAM. When one idiot shouted Spoofing, cool word right? So every Monkey and Donkey started to shout SPAM! Spoofing! Sounds fun isn't it? Do you know what it means?

So if you want to know what is the real story about SMSC, SPAM or SPOOFING, check this out in the next story of "Technology 101. Hardware, Software, Spoofing, Spam?" Find out why spoofing is only possibly done by inter-operator supplier or operators, means Maxis, Digi and Celcom. How the term "spoofing" came from. Is it possibly done or is it just myth? If possible, how to prevent it?

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim

What is SMS? What is a SMS promotion, unsolicited SMS, SPAM and SCAM?

The question is like asking “what is bank, finance, credit card, insurance, mutual fund, private loan (call it loan shark), and Gold Coin investment fund (call it scam plan)". All under “money matters” right? So these “financial service providers” are all SCAM? Differentiate carefully the service level and clear role each of them plays. Bank, credit card and even insurance companies all “collect payment” and “chase for your late payment”, so theoretically they are NO DIFFERENT from loan shark right? It may be TRUE if you live inside Jeff Boy's fantasy world! Ask yourself, “am I that blind and non-educated to call them all SCAM and make a fool & shame of myself?” To read more about "misleading public on purpose", click here.

Let’s Skin and Slice the dog part by part.

What is SMS? SMS is just a medium which carry message from sender to receiver. Sender could be individual, a mail service company (Email like Yahoo Mail or Gmail; SMS from Telcos), corporate (company you work with, or services you use like bank, credit card, fitness center, salon, golf club, etc).

What is SMS promotion (or Credit Card companies call it CRM : customer relationship management or data mining). These SMS could be: from telcos inhouse marketing department, from corporations paying telcos to do co-marketing, from corporations paying your service providers (like bank, credit card company, fitness center, salon, golf club etc) to sell you products and services, and from your friends and families sending you insurance, medical, health care or investment plans.

What is unsolicited SMS PROMOTIONS (arguebly legal SPAM, or JUNK SMS)? This is the part you can officially calls it SPAM SMS (or spam email), or just call it junk mail. If the message is not normal SMS promotion (read above) it’s likely third party SPAM. Examples like fitness center offering body build packages, hypermarket offering sales, telcos offering off peak airtime discount, newspaper offering discounted subscriptions etc. The offers may be valid but the method of promotion is arguebly NOT (depends on the local government defination. Some ok some not. Overall it's NOT WELCOME and I consider it JUNK!).

What is "intentional" unsolicited SMS charges without MO (illegal SPAM)? There are bad apples in any industry, and like ISP (internet service providers), the law will only catch the bad bloggers who defame or commit crime. Some irresponsible abusers could be sending just MT to users without MO and charges users blindly. Since there is no MO record, these activities are beyond spam. Once these activities are done on purpose, it becomes CRIME and should be punished. Question is, should the service provider or the abuser be punished? The Tenaga National who provides electricity or the Drug Factory who uses Tenega electricity should be liable for Drug trafficking? The Telekom or the Telekom user who conduct phone scam? The answer is obvious unless you are blind (or you wanted to mislead and though general public are all blind). So what is "intentional" unsolicited SMS charges without MO (illegal SPAM)? Here is an example "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_spam" Here is the closer example "http://www.answers.com/topic/mobile-phone-spam"

What is unsolicited SMS with BOGUS OFFERS (SCAM)? This is the part you can call it SCAM SMS (or scam email)? SMS message which asks you to “pay money to get money” or “buy non existence products” or “Someone Asking for Support of non existence (or bogus) offers” like Academy Fantasia Quiz winner, Corporate Lottery from China, Prince from South Africa asking for help, Bogus Charity, etc. Before you believe and plunge into the “SCAM” job, think and study carefully! So what is scam actually? This is Scam "...http://star-techcentral.com/tech/story.asp?file=/2007/6/14/technology/17966950&sec=technology"

What is "Spoofing" and "Masking"? This is the cool part! Accodring to friend in yellow telco, masking mobile originated (MO) is possible by sending masked mobile termination (MT) to users. That is "MT" spam if it does not meet the solicited criteria above (example, you get Xmas sales promo sms from "TESCO" as the sender). However masking MO "into" telco SMSC is NOT POSSIBLE since the masking work CANNOT go into telco SYSTEM via 5 digit SHORT CODES! So the ONLY person who can "spoof", if that's the cool word Jeff Boy beng singing, is TELCOS THEMSELVES!

I know what is "wolf" but I don't know how "spoof" could be done. Like story about misterious UFO or Bigfoot, most criticism is cause by user own fault and own assumption. More likely user used a service and deny they tried, friend or family members used your phone or you sign up for bank, credit card, stores, and many other services and did not remember you did used those services.

What is "TECHNICAL GLITCHES"? If you want to know more about "technical glitches" (see above graph, technical glitches could be from ANY of the cycles, which are "unintentional" and happens "every second, every day and night"), click here.

(click above to look at "who could be spamming". All the "?" are stakeholders, affected and affecting each other! So "who could be unintentionally created "technical glitches"? Yes, you are correct! All the "stakeholders" in green color could be the innocent victim! To learn more about what is "technical glitches", visit http://mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com/2007/06/draft-misleading-biased-report-how-jeff.html.)

So folks, learn to differentiate the difference of normal SMS, PROMOTION SMS, SPAM and SCAM, if you are not already up-to-date. Don't humiliate yourself jumping into conclusion telling people all email = spam! YES, we hate SPAM and SCAM, I personally would love to see SCAMMERS get punish. NO, I don't like defamation and misleading information just to mix SMS, PROMO, SPAM and SCAM together to make a point, and STOP humiliate and harass women!

Journalist Ethic in Providing Balance View

In the telecommunication industry besides hardware and software, the services running on top of the machines involves “the service provider” which is operators (telco), and “service providers of service provider” which is the suppliers and intermediate users, and users which is the corporations, organizations and consumers, etc.

If you foolishly claims an “Industry = SCAM” or maybe “purposely magnify 1 tiny issue and pretend you didn't see the 99% good services, you are actually unethically misleading the readers and it’s sinful to support your points. Such illusion of false information will be understood and justified when time passes by and readers become more matured and educated to different the difference.

" Ethic Bloggers United: Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime, promote healthy and responsible blogspace. Stop irresponsible blogger from "Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons" and "Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person" - Tim O'Reilly. By Miss Mobile Lim (prepared as an academy discussion material, have fun!) "

More details visit http://mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com/2007/06/draft-ethic-bloggers-united-1-support.html

Thursday, June 7, 2007

(draft) "Repeated offenders" of what? How foolish Malaysian humiliating ourselves in front of technology knowledge

If you are IT minded and you read carefully all the stories contributed to this blog, you will find it rather annoying than amusing that even professional journalist has to kneel in front of technology. Academy study purpose, it as told the story that Jeff Ooi a self proclaimed professional journalist (which I love his stories about politics and twisted stuff) is humiliating his fella Malaysian in front of misunderstood judgement made by authority due to lack of technology knowledge and followed a twisted guideline with loopholes which lead to biased judgment.

Ask any tech makers, programmers or engineers, there is no such thing as 100% "zero technical glitches guarantee" in this planet. Ever since the made up cases (read here) did by AKN Mtech (aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) Uncle Lim to create urgency and demand for his software, the way the couple Lim + Jeff (read here) poisoning public by cooking the "repeated offenders" story is shame and disgusting. Their foolish act further damage Malaysian IT society image, proves that Malaysian are so low tech even what is "technical glitches & common human errors" vs "intentional crime & scam" also don't know how to differentiate!

Despite billions of dollars spend by NASA the Columbia space shuttle still blows up, airplane still crashes, highway traffic still jam, Maybank ATM still has "termination not processed" errors, and it happens repeatedly. Repeated offenders of what? Technical glitches? Human errors? Hello Mr 1950's, today is year 2007 and Microsoft Windows still hangs, Nokia handset system still crashes, Digi phone calls still got disconnected repeatedly (equals to termination not processed tech glitches). Wake up Malaysian, shame on you dreaming of vision 2020 IT nation while we let the dogs out barking like it knows about IT!

Thank you folks, for all the information provided. The Lim+Jeff story didn't ends so soon when once a respected entertainer (Jeff Ooi) started to support business sabotage. Again and again, he repeatedly highlights the mistakes made by MCMC and hide the fact that the victims accused were actually clarified and case closed (read here). I lost faith in the amusing way he wrote the many many stories in the past, some what pity he went that far to write unjustified accusations poison by business competition tactics. Jeff Ooi once my beloved comedian who wrote from politic issues to Pak Lah's personal love stories has become a mad man, following the many Internet dark age fortune tellers who ended up in mad house.

When Jeff Ooi repeatedly "cooking the cold rice" of normal business errors the few victim IT firms have gone through, he hide the actual reason and clarification which cleared and closed the so called offenses. To show how he mislead the public, here is an example of his own poison way of story telling. Repeated offenders of common errors yeah? Made it up for academy study, here we go!

JEFF OOI: Repeated offender of defamation, sabotage and Crime

The fantasy story is about a Malaysian by the name of Jeff Boy, who started his first fantasy poison pen targeting Maxis, a mobile operator in Malaysia. Jeff Boy perhaps being professionally trained as a writer, did wrote many amusing articles or stories in his blog site http://www.jeffooi.com/ (also read mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com for balance view if you find yourself mentally not balance!)

Academy brainstorm suspect that : With the encouragement of both street feedback and financial pocket money earn from Internet advertisement, he went further to make brave assumptions on his stories, and many negative evidence he perceived accurate and sufficient to make his points valid he highlight them (and you bet! To make it looks valid, just HIDE the fact and positive evidence found, or try not to find the positive evidence). It was again very amusing and won some more readership. Of cause like any clown shouting in front of Jalan Ampang KLCC, he gets attention. Unfortunately, Jeff is not fully equip with professional team like the big media to verify the true or false about the evidence, claims and accusations he gathered from sources he believes valid. Some are true, some are partially complete and some are made up evidence. His story went too far until humiliating the IT professionals understanding of what is unavoidable "common business error" in IT industry, and what is "intentional offenses".

So the "repeated offenders" (of universally accepted common business errors) which wrongly judged by authority with lack of IT knowledge opinion suppose to do what? Give their business to Uncle Lim? (read the scam work by Uncle Lim). To add some salt into the story, here are some evidence that YOU as a reader can judge.

JEFF Boy, the "repeated offender" of journalist unethical biased and mis-leaded public act, should be detained under Internal Security Act for jeopardizing the country image, public distrust of true information, attempted sabotage, defamation and organized crime working with businessman Uncle Lim for financial benefits. Death penalty folks? Really that serious?

Repeated offender of organized crime and scam yeah? Try this:

Case1: Jeff was sued by NST for defamation, and this is not his first time. (read here). Unethical journalist found guilty?

Case2: Jeff evidence in making up stories for money, further shows his inner motives for hiding facts from his stories (read here) to cook up stories. His act has poisoned young innocent public to believe in story making means money making. The more you twist the facts by highlighting "points you want to highlight", the more traffic (and money) you gets. Unethical journalist found guilty again? Yellow Card.

Case3: Organized scam. Make up his self made blogger association "National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) pro tem vice-president Jeff Ooi (read here)", sounds familiar with Uncle Lim self-made MMCP spokes person (read here)? Bingo! We have perfect couple of the year! Organized voice representing who? The millions of bloggers out there (that's including newbie, Miss Mobile Lim?!), vomit folks! Red card for organized, planned crime.

Case4: Misleading quote of "Repeated offender" has poisoned and jeopardized many innocent media journalist career (like journalist from Oriental Daily and The Edge) on wrongly copy and pasted Uncle Lim's words on mistakes and mis-leaded judgments made by MCMC, which falls into the trap by bad intention competition tactic (read here). Falsifying the common business error as if it's "scam" or "crime" is like accusing Maybank ATM machine for "repeated malfunction and termination not processed" being scam and crime. Death penalty folks?

Case5: The exciting part. To show Jeff's way of quoting "repeated offenders" without showing (or just hiding) the fair clarification which close the wrongly accused cases, here is an example of his own poison. Assume Jeff is the main suspect and police-wanted offender for these cases:

Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi running his car on a dog on purpose.
Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi rob a bag from a lady.

Singapore police report about Jeff Ooi breaking into a lady house stealing documents.

Folks, for 3 times, the person by the name Jeff Ooi has been repeatedly detained, the repeated offender should be lock up for maximum extended period to keep the society safe from his crime. The "reports" are valid, so this is a "repeated offender", yeah right?

(Notes: What do you think folks? Jeff is Bad bad boy isn't it? Repeated "reports" on repeated crime. In Jeff's term, you don't need to show his side of the story, which he clarifies and proved his misunderstood mistakes, or even false claims. Just show the part he's being reported as "repeated offender", and have fun making fun of him! Jeff did nothing wrong. He was falsely accused, falsely detained, falsely judged but he did clarified and case closed. But hey! Forget about his clarification and case close, make fun of his innocent "repeated offender" story! He's king of scam, he is dangerous, he should be lock in mad house! If you enjoy this part, enjoy Jeff's stories. Feel good folks? I feel myself SICK reading up until this line, do you?)

Bingo! Proven Jeff is repeated offender of misleading, sabotage and business scam. Death penalty!

Really true and that serious folks?

For academy study only - you will find how misleading information could be carried so far and make a shame on his own country. Lesson learnt: Keep your eyes open and study the story behind any claims before coming to conclusion and believe in those self-fulfilling prophecies.

To add more salt to the mad man who made up stories for his competitors, here is his own poison:

AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim : Repeated offender himself!

By the way folks, latest information feed from reader. Ever since the mask of AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim was reveal, hundreds of "common business error" offenses have been reported targeting AKN Mtech services. For your information, AKN Mtech short code 3xxxx was suspended (and still in suspension as of today). Bingo! Finally Uncle Lim ate his own poison and have a taste of his own twisted PBS-Guideline. MCMC officer all hates him so much, they refuse to talk to Uncle Lim which beg and cry in front of MCMC office. "Not even the receptionist wanted to entertain him", quoted an officer.

The industry source also mention there are 4 valid cases in the pipeline targeting AKN Mtech services, all "non compliance" to the twisted PBS-Guideline, and claimed "offenses" by MCMC mis-leaded definition. As long as the guideline remain twisted and MCMC remain as it is without updating their team with qualified technology advisers, AKN Mtech will have to eat his own poison. Here goes the yellow card, the red card and bingo, the death penalty! Really that serious Uncle Lim? If he is that free, making fun of Maybank ATM tech glitches probably make him more famous (hint: Good idea Jeff Boy, shout on that, more blog dollar in the bank. Think about it!)

Folks, really that serious? Take a look at the following "offenders", if you really want to "frame them" in your own wordings of "scam" and "crime", or call it "creative marketing" or "teasers"? Take away AirAsia license for misleading advertisement "RM99 flight to Penang" and "5,000 FREE SEATS to Bali"? What about operators (telcos) advertisement of "FREE" and "1 cent per SMS" gimmick? Either MCMC or under the Consumer Act, there are room for creative marketing. Even the government uses creative marketing for their campaigns on Tourism (Visit Malaysia 2007 yeah, like here?), Education and Social Welfare. Nothing evil with that folks, just "READ and be SMART" to do your own judgment.

Here is the latest Hall of Shame MCMC should update their website, if MCMC is still haven't wake up of what mistake they may have done listening to misleading guidance:

(Note: Digi latest "scam" on giving "FREE TRIAL 2 months" for Fu-Yoh package (and charges you RM3 per month subscription fees), and further gives you "free-spin" (gambling incentives). Bad Bad boy yeah folks? Really? Or should it be "creative marketing" and what makes Digi is allowed to do "free trial" and "chance/gambling incentives" and SUSPEND others who do creative marketing? Oh, forgot to tell you folks, there is the PBS-Guideline poison taken by innocent MCMC! 1 to AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim+PBS, 0 to competitors and MCMC. Read here if you want to read the AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim+PBS work.)

(Note. Bad bad boys folks? Really that serious? In mad house interpretation 'YES" this is scam and crime. In normal world of creative marketing "NO", unless someone make it looks like it's scam or crime. The decision is on YOUR HAND, why bother what marketing gimmick or stuff people does as long as they don't do it on purpose to scam or cheat? That's yet another story, I' not interested in going for details)

Operators, MCMC, CPs, Media and the interest parties, what shall they do now? Nothing actually happened besides the setup, so why bother? Nothing is perfect, just read the story for fun and keep on learning and fine tuning the common issues. Got issue, past to operator and solve it without giving competitor chances to sabotage. That's what makes Japan and South Korea it is today by keep on learning from mistakes. You don't find Toyota sabotage Nissan, or Hyndai poison-pen Kia. Mistakes, find it out, inform the parties involved, fix and goes on, it's just that simple. The only reason which will kill Malaysia future is the culture of Kampong King which still haunt ourselves. Stab our own people becomes the culture until today. To read more about the beginning of the AKN Mtech's Uncle stories, the possible solution and stuff MCMC and operators should consider to stop the nonsense, click here.

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim