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(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (4): Jeff Boy the Chief Editor, the Expert and the Judge for Uncle Lim vs Macrokiosk hate revenge?

Jeff Ooi Playing Games with Law and Self Moral

Folks, here goes some information about "EMAIL SCAM SPAM". So this is called SCAM:

If you study the generalized lies by Jeff Boy, as compared to clear defination of "SMS, PROMOTION, SPAM and SCAM" and "technical glitches", you probably can find "many common issues happens every second" from any companies offering you products & services, public services, your car, your house, your school and "yourself".
The issue of "why Telekom didn't answer my phone call" or "why Telekom bill still charges me service fees", or even "why my Telekom service cancellation did not take place" happens every day! Why Jeff Ooi is so particular in cooking the hardly happen technical or human error of these particular companies, if this is the first time you follow the story, click here to learn about the original motives and hates escalated from Uncle Lim (AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) to Jeff Boy and to his victims!

Folks, check out the latest contribution by readers comparing this victims issue vs mobile operators issues (the percentage of similar cases being recorded "everyday" by mobile operators vs their suppliers/service providers), so as out of the industry research reports (Telekom, Tenaga, Astro TV, which are all public service companies) on public service companies level of issues (percentage of similar cases being recorded "everyday").
To be updated!
My 2 kilo of Sweet Potato.
Miss Mobile Lim

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (3): Jeff Boy the gangster at work for Uncle Lim?

Reader's Letter 1:
Link unrelated to relate & fulfill a prophecy!

Folks, the IT expert-wannabe repeated offender of "Defamation, Sabotage and Crime", Jeff Ooi, is on the lie again! Maybe the only way he can get away some day from defamation accusation, he may want to pretend he is in fact a mad man! (like psychos, they will not be found guilty if they are proven psycho! So pretend you are MAD when you get caught yeah!) Read the latest master piece of "shaping and misleading" your perception by simply plug a lie from sky and starts making up story!


(click the photo to enlarge)

Scam Work Step 1: Misleading readers as usual!

Hello Mr IT expert! Learn about SMS, SOLICITED PROMOTION and UNSOLICITED PROMOTION(SPAM), ILLEGAL SPAM and SCAM, and differentiate them. SPOOFING and MASKING are two different stuff, learn what is possible and what is not before you pretend to be an expert. Read Jeff's misleading quote "..... even Celco-centric short codes are now being abused in SMS Spoofing and Short Code Masking, which are fraudulent acts...". This misleading and baseless quote itself is fraudulent and crime uncle! You should quote ".....even Celco-centric short codes are now being suspected to involve in SMS Spoofing and Short Code Masking. If proven TRUE, both are believe to be fraudulent acts...". YES, even myself will want to punish SPOOFING (bad bad boys), if you can find one - just ONE example uncle, let me know. So as Masking Unsolicited SPAM, should be punish as well. So as SCAM, yes, we must stop all the "Akademi Fantasi", "China Company Lottery" and "Prince of Africa Gold Mine" scammers, all should be imprison!

Want to know how to differentiate simple stuff as easy as "fruit"? Click here. Apple, Orange and Banana are fruits, they are different Jeff Boy! Hold on...........! Don't eat the Banana skin uncle! HOld hold hold on.....! That is Durian, you can't eat the skin either uncle!

Scam Work Step 2: Relate the innocent!

This SOLICITED SMS (or you can call it promotion message) is from operator (telcos), which mobile operators got paid for the SMS sent or it could be partnership with the operator (telcos). The web site mblog.com.my is owned by this person, and they probably did co-marketing with operators. There are probably few hundred partners working with operators (telcos) offering all sort of services. If you are mobile phone user and you subscribe to Maxis, Digi or Celcom, you agreed to their terms the minute you use their lines and they can send free promotion to you. If you dislike promotions, just call their customer support to block this service, it's just that simple uncle! So why the kampong boy screaming of yet another "common business practice" made it as if operators are sharks and scam providers? Who is the largest scam artist in town is probably yourself, Uncle Jeff.

Simple whois search: mblog.com.my MyNic info:

[ Domain
Name ]

[ MYNIC Registration
No. ]

[ Record
Created ]

[ Record
Expired ]

[ Record Last
Modified ]

[ Invoicing
Party MYNIC Handle: R022 ]Liew Ah FongCentral Data CentreLot
4.12A,Wisma Saberkas,93150 KuchingSarawakjacob@best.cdc.com.my(Tel)
082-240380(Fax) 082-244098

[ Registrant MYNIC
NO. 8, JALAN SULTAN ISMAIL50250 KUALA LUMPURWilayah Persekutuan(Tel)
03-77104301(Fax) -

[ Administrative Contact MYNIC
PersekutuanMalaysiatw.chen@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Billing Contact MYNIC
PersekutuanMalaysiatw.chen@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Technical Contact MYNIC
Handle: CPC006743 ]Yen YangACIAN TechnologiesLevel 26, Menara IMCNo.
8, Jln Sultan Ismail50250 Kuala LumpurWilayah
PersekutuanMalaysiasy.yang@acian.com(Tel) 03-77104301(Fax)

[ Primary Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA012844 ]

[ Secondary
Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA012845 ]

[ Secondary
Name Server MYNIC
Handle: SVA005094 ]

So? What is so special about this company that Jeff wanted to talk about? It's just one out of hundreds of service providers the operators (telcos) work together to offer value added services. Nobody will try a service if they don't find it interesting. Just like nobody can force you to buy Prada, LV and GUCCI. If you walk into the shop, don't buy don't scream "protect animal skin, stop bloody diamond trade, stop manipulate sexy female models".

Reader's Letter 2 :
Jeff Sexual harassment!

Folks, if I was to work in Malaysia I wil fall off my chair reading Jeff Boy's nonsense and file complaint to Women's Aid Organisation of Malaysia for misleading public with defamation, sexual harassment, verbal or otherwise in violation of women human rights.

Secondly, I receive several email asking me to post this unrelated "Jeff Boy" ugly duckling face reveal series since I sharply pointed out many lies and baseless defamation evidence (hope ISA is not reading this yeah. Read here for disclaimer.). I'm not a detective or even a journalist to reveal ugly mask and truth about anyone, don't get me wrong. Sorry guys.

Third, this innocent girl email me about Jeff Ooi's shameful women sexual harassment blog, I was shocked this rapist style of blogging is already beyond Bloggers Ethical limit! I decided I have to reveal the ugly ducking unethical way of defamation work else I don't deserve a stand in IT community. "Shaping the perception he wants you to perceive" is by way of spreading misleading information, and it's crime. Read this line from Jeff Boy's playground (fast, before this "edit"or make any changes)


(click image to enlarge)

Now let's see how Jeff Boy's method of defamation framing his stories making up like he knew everything. Even at the cost of creating a fake "girl" story?!

Scam Work Step 1: Misleading readers from beginning

Big old Jeff Boy's trick by "shaping your perception using misleading words" is again in use. This time dragging an innocent girl (if she ever existed) and tarnish, verbal-rape and harass her in his own words (Uncle, verbal is also crime. Click here). Read this:. "SMS Scam (what scam actually Big Eel? What was done by this victim?)" followed by "Ozura girl Gone (who is ozura girl big Eel?)". According to the email, the victim this time is a US company called Ozura (correct me if I'm wrong) with a Malaysia office and has nothing to do with Singapore. The nonsense escalated to their US office and questioning their Malaysia representative "WHO HIRE ANY GIRL IN SINGAPORE ON BEHALF?" The company has no office or staff in Singapore, so whos is this wonderful fantasy girl?! Wow! Like that also can! What a big lier Uncle Jeff, shame shame.

Scam Work Step 2: Tarnish and harass the victim

Uncle! Shame on you tarnish a "girl" using words like "blowjob" (if this girl is for real, report police immediately, be strong!). However according to the reader there is NO SUCH COMPANY OR STAFF in Singapore, and surprising Jeff seems to be the human resource manager working in that company. If there is no such ghost employee, how could "she" be hired and fired (and do blowjob at the same time), seems like Jeff force her to do so yeah? So who is this Jeff Ooi's secret mistress he slept with in Singapore? Mrs Jeff, you have any idea? Did you know that making up story using "lie" and "defame" a company or person using baseless claims is serious crime? Click here for Ethical Blogging and sample criminal charges.

Scam Work Step 3: Repeat the harassment!

Criminal work using baseless accusations by Uncle Jeff is once again caught on screenshot! Uncle uncle uncle, shame on you tarnish again and again a non existence "girl" like sex mania torturing his victim repeatedly. Read Jeff Ooi's words "....she gets a more decent job than prostituting, under duress, as a ghost-writer. ....." Hello Uncle Jeff, you love prostituting yeah? Illegal in Malaysia you know? Come Singapore lah if you really itchy. Behave your little birds, don't test on women's tolerance level on sexual harassment.

Reader's Letter 3:

Jeff Ooi fraud, scam and money laundering!

Further reading Jeff Ooi's self-edited, self-author, self-directed, self-casted drama, this laughable so called "evidence", you will laugh rolling on the floor!

This new "kok"suckers blog was setup on 12 June 2007 just to finish his dirty work to prove that he is so smart, he needs to cover his lies by making up stories with his own "fake/self-made" supporter. The blog name "kok'sucker itself sounds like Jeff's work, childish enough to make you and me vomit.

Read Jeff Ooi's words on his ghost blog (Opps! Did I mention Jeff Ooi's blog?): "..... Fraud, Scams & Money Laundering is dirty business. SMS scams is as well. But for it to work someone must provide the avenue via Celcos. Someone named JeffOoi blogged about it and is now subjected to ‘Cyber Terrorism’ as the person/s behind the illegal activities are trying to make threats either directly or indirectly.....". Hello Mr movie director of the year 1950! Did you know your own fraud, scams and money laundering instinct is exactly spelling out "what you are doing exactly" from the bottom of your heart right now? Did someone pays you to do scam works and money laundering taking advertisement and sponsorship doing defamation, sabotage and crime? Selling your soul for money is nothing different from prostituting yourself uncle!

Jeff's self-made Hacker-wannabe comment is so childish, a simple programmer like me wanted to cry how stupid he think IT knowledge workers are. Programmers only believe in numbers and facts, not lie and baseless claims. Do it scientifically uncle. The IP PING work any 12 year-old kid can do it. Jeff though he is so smart to PING the domain registrar. It's public information, so? Read this digging "....Domain Name: ANTIJEFFOOI.COM Registrar: MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE Whois Server: whois.melbourneit.com Referral URL: http://www.melbourneit.com Name Server: YNS1.YAHOO.COM Name Server: YNS2.YAHOO.COM Status: clientTransferProhibited Updated Date: 12-jun-2007 Creation Date: 12-jun-2007 Expiration Date: 12-jun-2008..." So? Every donkey and monkey domain names are registered using different registrar, what is so special professor?

Jeff also attack that blogger antijeffooi.com for being personal, because frankly, I also find it too "personal" (no offense to the author of antijeffooi.com). Read this "....Now it might look like this is a concern person as he posted on he’s blog that its meant to provide “a fairer and balance view of what have been written in Jeff’s blogsite”. But if one reads the blog its obvious its not a fairer or any balanced view of anything other than trying to flush JO from doing anymore blogging. It was a personal attack and character assassination by Uncle Rain. ..." Either he or she out there, read Blogger's Ethic before you take it too personal. But hey! Look at Jeff himself, only a monkey will laugh at others "monkey monkey monkey"! (Maybe I also looks a like yeah?). SO what is the big deal uncle?

Big Big Question:

Curious. When that auntiejeffooi blog was tarnish, Jeff pretends he is IT-smart-kid making up fake IP PING, traceroute, etc, childish stuff and suspect "everyone" he came across. So high-tech yeah? Don't humiliate IT knowledge workers old man. There is one blog slicing Jeff Ooi's evidence of lies, defamation and baseless accusations, which explain why our beloved Jeff Ooi didn't like mobilebedsidenews.blogspot.com and escape truth comments from posted on his little lier playground jeffooi.com . Maybe Miss Mobile Lim has more IT knowledge and got hired to work in good-salary (ka-ching$$!) guai-lo IT company in Singapore, while Jeff Ooi can only make money from lie & defamation and making story earning advertising money from his blog. Rumor Jeff is also involved in money laundering (together with his partner Uncle Lim? (Uncle Lim frm AKN Mtech, aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) and political sabotage! (folks, this is baseless yeah). Maybe he don't want all his real dirty work got reveal?

That's my 2 kilo salt and 2 kilo sand the dinner plate. Don't take too much salt folks, if you can't take salty stuff!

Miss Mobile Lim

Sunday, June 24, 2007

(draft) Ethic Bloggers United (1): Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime.

Ethical Blogging

Folks, if you enjoy reading my blog, you will find the difference between my blog (which keep on telling you "UFO may or may not be true", as compared to some bloggers who consider themselves very smart and pretend they know everything (and they believe readers are stupid to believe in their twisted facts).

In my earlier blog, I have mentioned that my story is meant for academy study, and subject to verification. I call it story because it could be made up and you read it for entertainment purpose! Although it's meant for academy study, I have to make sure my readers (if you are reading this) understand that it's could be true or false, and I am applying ethical blogging practice. This has open up the discussion on basic blogging concept, which for myself I think is more for discussion purpose & personal opinion rather than act like expert or simply judge an issue. I call this "ethical blogging".

With the healthy concept in mind, my blog attracts many friendly and unfriendly bloggers email giving ideas and comments, which I either read it, or just delete (due to volume), and agree or disagree is another issue. As you can see the disclaimer I put on, the last paragraph mention about "Ethic Blogger and Blogger's Code of Conduct". This is the part every blogger should really look into to keep the bloggerland a better place for you and for me! My sample disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Folks, if anyone ready this academy discussion material, all the names and stories may or may not have similarity or accuracy, and it's not meant for actual reference. Don't play stupid believe in "Santa Claus is real and Superman is going to save the world" or "George Bush Friend of Alien" fairy tales. America never send Rambo to Vietnam, Arnold Schwarzenegger were never sent to Soviet as a spy. Reading blog is like taking ecstasy pill or watching Alice in Wonderland story book. Make sure you wake up after finish the story & done with the fantasy!

Credits: Thanks to some yellow and blue friends. Also service providers, some officers and general public contribution. Sorry if I copy your comments for some of the postings. ESPECIALLY THANKS to bloggers who felt the shame of the nation having criminal blogger. "J.....defamation gave a bad word to the word blogging" sadly quoted by a blogger.

Ethic Bloggers United: Support Blogger Ethic and Blogger's Code of Conduct, stop defamation and crime, promote healthy and responsible blogspace. Stop irresponsible blogger from "Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons" and "Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person" - Tim O'Reilly. By Miss Mobile Lim (prepared as an academy discussion material, have fun!)

Even my disclaimer itself may NOT be true, since before the you read the blog, I mention it's a "story" and meant for "academy study" only!

Blogger's Code of Conduct

Suggested by Tim O'Reilly, he clearly calls for a Blogger's Code of Conduct, which highlighted these 2 sentences. Blog should not:
1. Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons
2. Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person

The study subject of this blog is an example of unethical blogger compared to ethical blogger with self-regulation, like kennysia.com.

Bloggers Legal Responsibility In Action : There is Law Out There

If you do blogging yourself, make sure when you do assumptions, clearly stated it's your personal opinion and it could be false. There is nothing above the LAW and defamation and spreading misleading information is still a CRIME even in cyber space. You can make up story and said that it's personal option or open for academy discussion, you cannot make up story and pretend to be true and knowingly false but promoting your assumptions to the public. Here are some examples of bloggers under the law is still under the law:

"....Blogger Roberto Mancini, 59, was convicted of defamation last month in Aosta, northern Italy, and sentenced to pay $16,900 in fines and damages...." When cruel words is found guilty, false information should be imprisons.

".... India legislation controlling false information and defamation blogging...." Defamation blogging = crime. Same standard for other moral conscious countries in Asia, especially China, Malaysia and even Singapore.

".... China with a nation of 1.2billion people, a slight defamation could create social instability. No human being wants a Third World War because some irresponsible blogger twisted the real story and defame the political system...." Comment a blogger. While we enjoy the freedom of (true) free speech, don't twist facts and turn into another China. http://ledux.blogspot.com/2006/10/chinese-blogger-sentenced-to-three.html

".... Student Blogger Loses Defamation Case ...." Even students common wrong doing like testing drugs and underage alcohol are not tolerated under the law. When comes to law and order cannot run away either from cyber law. Defamation equals crime.

"....Several cases have been brought before the national courts against bloggers concerning issues of defamation or liability..." Like tabloid, people likes gossip. Nobody like to know "President Clinton visiting China" which is IMPORTANT and TRUE, but people loves "Clinton Third Sex Scandal with FEMALE ALIEN" which is MADE UP STORY and NOT
TRUE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog#Defamation_or_liability

".... Blogger faces trial for official defamation..." Read about the defamation case charged under the law: http://middleeastdesk.org/article.php?id=932

".... The official in question then charged Baroudy for defamation, which carries a sentence of six months in prison and a fine of 1,500 Algerian Dinars (approx. US$21)...." Another example of blogger in trouble, which mostly went too far to the other side of the law. http://allafrica.com/stories/200706130866.html

"....Unofficial evidence of Jeff Ooi defamation and financial implication
motives, check the 2 blogs...."
quoted a blogger. Who doesn't want to make money from blog advertisement, but not at the cost of defamation. "Jeff ooi way of defamation gave a bad word to the word blogging" sadly quoted by a blogger. Some references: http://www.machai.net/weblog/machai.net/2006/07/screening_your_shots_jeff.html http://www.photomalaysia.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-20587.html

Dangers of misusing blogs

(Original: The Sun Newspaper)

" Defamation and libel can be described as an injury to the reputation or character of someone resulting from false statements. Defamation is an attack, albeit false and, or malicious on one's good name. It exposes or subjects one to odium, hatred, contempt, ridicule, or disgrace, or causes one to be shunned or avoided.

In short, defamation/libel can be described as words - written or spoken - tending to lower an individual or organisation in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.

Our laws protect every citizen from harm to their reputation by false and derogatory remarks. It is enshrined that every citizen can seek redress if they believed that they have been defamed. Over the years, many media organisations have found this out the hard way. Sloppy and even malicious reporting have resulted in payouts and dents to the organisations' reputation and credibility.

Some years ago, media organisations, journalist unions and non-government organisatisations rallied together to fight multi-million ringgit awards given by the courts in defamation cases. The fight then was not so much against being sued or being found guilty of defamation, because no one including the media can be above the law, but against the ridiculously high awards.
The defamation suit filed last week by The New Straits Times Press (NSTP) and several of its executives against two bloggers on the internet has once again brought the issue to the fore, but with a twist.

The blogging community and even some NGOs have labelled it as an attempt to curb freedom of expression over the internet. Some have even described it as going against the government's guarantee of no censorship on the internet.

They are wrong.

It is the message, not the medium, that is the issue here. Were the articles/postings that appeared in the two blogs defamatory? The plaintiffs have to prove to the court that they were. If they are proven to be defamatory, they would be defamatory whether they appeared over the internet, published in newspapers or broadcast over radio and TV. And if they were not defamatory, they were not, regardless of the medium they appeared in. It is a fallacy to assume that defamation laws don't operate in cyberspace just because the government said it would not exercise censorship. And it would be dangerous.

Non censorship is not a licence to break the laws of the country. The internet and blogging have empowered ordinary citizens to express themselves. Those of us who value the power we now have, must do our utmost to ensure it is not abused.

Yes, bloggers should unite, but unite against those who misuse the blogs because they are the real threat to the future of blogging. "

Well Folks, while you enjoy reading blogs, and thinking of doing your own blogging, make sure you enjoy freedom of speech under the LAW, and conduct self-regulation under Blogger's Code of Conduct. Enjoy blogging!

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim