Monday, June 18, 2007

(draft) Scam Bag Jeff Ooi Episode (2)(b): Jeff the financial expert? Evidence caught on SCREENSHOT!

WOW! Oucccch! That was FAST an "edit"or!

Folks, here is another evidence of Jeff Ooi's latest scam work. Jeff Ooi, a repeated ofender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime, this time "caught live in front of SCREENSHOT"!

While I was about to take a dinner break, I saw this newly posted, opps, newly "edited" scandal of Jeff Ooi's poison pen, something strong happened. The Original Post by Jeff Ooi after I posted one by one his baseless assumptions defaming his victim, he quickly edit the posting. Here is the comparison:

Now you see it!

(click the image to enlarge)

Now you don't!

(WOW! Uncle! Crime is crime, you did it, it's recorded on tape, you can't clean it! Shame shame!)

(click the image to enlarge)

Scam Work Step 14 : Hide the Wolf Tail, Change the evidence, Continue scam poison pen! Journalist yeah? What a jerk-he-is!

Screams an old lady "Oh My God! Look at that long tail little Red Ride Hood has! Naughty girl, bad bad!" Earlier morning Malaysia time Jeff Ooi "the repeated offender of Defamation, Sabotage and Crime" almost wanted to fall from his chair reading Miss Mobile Lim's academy study on "bogus and made up crime evidence" done by beloved Jeff Ooi in making up stories baselessly (evidence here), the original blog was "edited" and still childishly being twisted in Jeff Ooi's words "....To date, Nextnation has only updated Bursa Malaysia, dated March 28, 2007, up to its unaudited interim financial report for the third quarter ended January 31, 2007....." SO? What Mr Finance Minister-wanna-be wanted to say about his edited crime evidence and put a "only" in his sentence, where the company report results ON TIME like any other companies? Shame shame old man.

Mr Defamation, Sabotage and Crime caught on tape? You bet!

My 2 more kilograms of salt.

Miss Mobile Lim

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