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(draft) MMCP good guys or bad guys? See who is talking.

What is MMCP? "Many Many Content Providers" or "Monster Mafia Conjob Providers"?

Read the newly chapter of Jeff Porter personal mumbling. I like his style!

The Legend of AKN Mtech Uncle Lim never stop. Here it goes again:

The Beginning of MMCP concept (actually continuing from here)

Some sort of "association wannabe" was initiated by Uncle Lim (read here if you don't know who is Uncle Lim) when he fails to stimulate the telco and authority interest. Eventually everybody knows his tricks. So Uncle Lim initiated an association and invite only the service providers he can "influence" and "control" to join. So the looser gang started to form up. Some foreign late comers who lost the first mover advantage join the team. Zed for example, join in (photo of Zed services. suspended many times for confusing services locally and oversea). MNC which is one of the largest content subscription CP (photo of services) also join in. Then the other small Ali, Abu and Abeng cps join in. The entire gang represent less than 10% of industry revenue, now calling themselves "voices of the industry". Smells familiar? Yes, it's the very common and typical competitor-gang bang method.

And bingo! You bet, Uncle Lim is the chairman or spokes person driving the direction!

Validity and Motives

As an operator (telco) representative says "I can't stand it looking at a small CP (refers to Uncle Lim) which speaks like a gangster represent the industry", how the small boys keep the 90% majority competitors out of MMCP? Here are the questions if the MMCP is valid. What Pro temp representative shit.

1. The top aggregators or service providers were left out, (and you bet it again! MMCP was formed when the top competitors were "tapped" and sabotaged by false accusations, made them some records at MCMC level).
2. MMCP purposely kept itself NOT registered as a valid association for a reason, so the pro temp members could think of ways to restrain the top competitors from joining the MMCP, or new members could be invited, or VOTED fairly, while they figure out how to do gang bang. Buy time to catch up with technology perhaps or think of ways to take business opportunities?
3. A self-nominated spokes person, blindly sits in the MCMC meetings and illegally (in actual fact, it is illegally not a valid association) do their talking and hand picking on service providers sided himself.

With the dirty influence of uncle lim, definitely the smaller service providers will jump in the bandwagon. What is the easier way to kill large competitors? Gang bang folks!

AKN MTech and gang God Father Myth?

Recently AKN Mtech being suspended for serious spam issue or some violation of service code, the small service providers started to realize the whole trick by uncle lim and stayed side line, many have kept silent shying away from standing close to him. The god fathers found that they are not god anyway, there is no guarantee their systems is 100% bullet proof or they are better than Microsoft (which still has error and bugs in Windows XP!)

[Latest User Contribution. Thanks for the concrete evidence.]
Refers to the evidence from this reader here, title "SMS Spam, it's all in the planning?"

Quick search:
32322 = ebuzz = AKN Mtech (non-register/illegal CP association chairman wannabe)39898 = MNC WIRELESS SDN BHD (non-register/illegal CP association committee wannabe)36633 = Macro Kiosk Sdn Bhd (obviously many spammers use their services. Someone should clean up their poor system or all spam will abuse their poor technology.)

AKN Mtech and MNC Wireless are running their own services (means they SPAM you),where Macro Kiosk hosting hundreds of third party services (means they allow their clients to SPAM you).


1. All are solicited promotion (legal promotion, just like email or Post mail), if you used their services and agreed to their terms.
2. All are unsolicited promotion (which is not illegal but annoying SPAM. Grey area.), if they send you free promotion and not charges.
3. All are unsolicited SPAM (which is illegal) if they charges you money on the spot. That is like stealing. Many cases telcos record will show you did use a service, or your family, kid or friend did use your phone.
4. All are SCAM (which has to go to jail!!!) if they sell SEX, GAMBLING or MONEY-CHEATING fraud scheme. You report police!

Some comments on "clear defination of SMS, Spam and Scam":


If the MMCP is to be fare open up and let anyone to join. Stop taking the unjust cases made up by uncle lim as an excuse to keep the gang one-sided or they themselves will be like uncle lim who got his first suspension (bad bad boy), and few hundred cases lining up awaits his action. If he act some more foolish move, his own poison will be reported one by one making him equal state.

(Also read Father Jeff fairy tales picking up his victims one by one, showing the untrue, hide the truth. How fun is that folks, to do blogging!)

My 2 cents.

Miss Mobile Lim


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