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AKN Mtech's version of "Jeff Ooi's Let the suffering fools speak". Copy, twist and paste

Folks, if you read all the nonsense I highlighted in the previous postings, and you enjoy reading my twisted English, and do the same "common SMALL issue, highlight BIG" like the suspect AKN Mtech's Uncle Lim was doing, you will like this part of the story.


When one aunty check through 1,000,000 bottles of Coca-Cola and found 100 bottles with deffective items, she was "excited" and starts posting her own "Coca-Cola is poison" blog. Suddenly a lori driver, construction worker, old teacher, and a college girl started to join the party. Suddenly Coca-Cola seems to have a lot of issues and people starts to feel pain, went to hospital, screaming food poisoning, all relates to Coca-Cola!!!

Like Jeff Ooi's posting (read here), here is the AKN Mtech's stories. Let's see if you should believe in the biased perspective. Story goes this way.

*Copy and paste into Jeff's bandwagon driving you to believe in his direction, so you can see the same result and purpose. Any similarity of messages is NOT coincident!

Here we go!

"When the earlier blog was posted, hundreds of complaints came in especially related to gambling Magnum 4D subscriptions."*

"COOL!! UPDATED VERSION. Just 3 instalments, and the AKN Mtech scam story has drawn responses from ( 1 ) Screenshots readers who realised they were being scammed and provided me with proof; ( 2 ) AKN MTech who instructed their PR agencies to set up private meeting with this blogger, agenda unknown; ( 3 ) Other SMS gateway providers who wanted to give "their side" of the story. I will cross the bridge one by one (ya, true I will), listening to them with an open mind to protect AKN Mtech (ya, I will, really!)" **

**(Note: sorry folks, I am not free to meet them actually. Too busy making up stories and hope to earn my 2 cents from google advertisement for my Phuket trip. So I just make it up as twisted as possible for your reading pleasure.)

Let's see what Uncle Lim has to say when he has 100 complaints going to his office, the media and public, made up the way he made up to him competitors. To add salt to Uncle Lim's problem, here are some complaints received just 3 days after the blog was posted.

This week alone, I have received thirty (30 / tiga puluh) messages sent via 3xxxx short code printed "AKN MTech" that I didn't subscribe to, or solicited for. I will post how much I have been charged once the next Maxis bill gets delivered in my email.

For the moment, let's give some space for the suffering fools among Malaysians scammed by the Celcos and their external CPs to have their say.

READ ON... I am publishing the first batch of five emails from Screenshots readers on the basis that is a matter of grave public interest that involved millions of scam money.

Email #1::
From: Susita Ramdan Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2007 3:33 PM
To: ''
Subject: FW: Maxis bill statement Account xxxxxxxx dated 22/05/2007

Dear CEO,
Having visited today, I had for the first time in months reviewed my Maxis statement.

To my amazement I had been billed for 'External Content Provider' service as evidenced on page 2 of the above enclosed statement.

Now - I did not subscribe to the above services - period. (did I?I forogt)

The External Content Provider spells AKN Mtech.

Can you look into this and suspend this service?

Susita Ramdan
Kota Kinabaru

Email #2::
From: Anthony Mat Salleh
To: mobiledebside
Date: May 22, 2007 10:13 PM
Subject: SMS Scam

Hi Lim (ahem, I'm Miss Mobile Lim), I read your posting on SMS Scam. Here, I have attached evidence of such SMS scanned from my bill. Not only I received SMS from AKN Mtech, I got another from Digi own service.

Best regards,
Anthony Mat Salleh

Email #3::
From: Abu Bakar
To customercare@maxis
Date:May 24, 2007 10:33 AM Subject: External Content Provider

I am a taxi driver and I felt cheated by this bodoh SMS company AKN Mtech.

I do not recall suscribing for the following contents. In fact, I have a personal distaste against SMS spam!

I did not touch any SMS service, I did not know how to ON SOCCER and ON 4D and ON TOTO, so I don't want to pay for the last 6 months SMS charges. Please help me report to Maxis and give me all my money back.

No, don't misunderstand, my credit card debt has nothing to do with this. I did not intended to buy cloths and goods and I being broke has nothing to do with my SMS claims. I am a victim!

No no no! I bukan 4D gambler, I am muslim I do not gamble. Stop, stop all the services I don't want to pay.

Abu Bakar
Johor Bharu, Johor

Email #4::
From: Cik Fatimah
To customercare@yellowman
Date:May 22, 2007 11:22 AM
Subject: Yellow Man Rob me! Shark!!

Apa itu External Content Provider? Bill this month shows a strange name AKN Mtech and charges me RM1.00. Aku 60 tahun tidak main SMS, macam mana langgan SMS.

Digi ini selalu hantar SMS promosi, cakap percuma ambil duit nenek tua ini. Cucu nenek baru umur 12 tidak tahu main SMS. Sila ambil perhatian dan tutup AKN Mtech, jahanam, kesian.

Cik Fatimah

Email #5
From: Tuk Pekan Kecil
To customercare@yellowman
Date:May 25, 2007 8:25 AM
Subject: Perompak Digi Orang Puteh

Mengapa dicharge GPRS fee, ringtone caller fee lagi apa itu fu-yoh fee, video fee, apa itu promosi AKN, siapa AKN dan sebagainya? AKN itu abang adik Digi ke? Saya mau telefon call sahaja. Lu orang puteh jangan fikir orang tua tidak tahu ya. Lu pandai promosi ya tipu anak orang tua guna ini guna itu service.

Tuk Pekan Kecil kena rompak

Here we end!

The list goes on, stay tune for more touching, exciting and angry complaints about AKN Mtech, the father of all spamming.

My 2 cents !

Miss Mobile Lim*
Must clarify, not Uncle Lim's relatives
Exciting and amazing ist it? Now read the disclaimer before you leave.

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